Save Money on Magazine Subscriptions

Love magazines, but hate paying for them? Use the following tips to ​save money on all of your must-have magazine subscriptions,

Watch for Free Subscription Offers

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

ValueMagsRewards Gold, and FreeBizMag are just three of the many websites that give free magazine subscriptions away on a regular basis. Get on their mailing lists, so you'll be the first to know when the next offer hits.

Tip: You can usually stack free subscription offers, so if you see two free one-year subscription offers for the same magazine, go ahead and grab both of them. Some magazines will automatically combine your subscriptions, others you'll have to call. Either way, turning two free one-year subscriptions into a free two-year subscription is a pretty neat trick.

Hit the Discount Magazine Sites

Forget about buying magazines direct from the publisher. You'll get a much better deal if you go through a discount magazine website like Discountmagazines . Amazon has some great deals, too.

Tip: All of the discount magazine sites offer daily specials. Keep checking back until they have a deal on the magazine that you want.

Hang onto Your Intro Rate

Ever noticed how the new subscriber rates are way better than the renewal rates? It doesn't have to be that way. Just call the publisher, and ask them to give you the intro rate (a "pretty please" may help), or start a new subscription through one of the discount magazine sites.

Snag a Multi-Year Discount

If you want a great deal, without jumping through a lot of hoops, keep an eye out for multi-year subscription offers. These may come with your renewal notice or on one of those annoying blown in cards in the magazine. Either way, they're a great way to lock in a much-reduced rate, without much effort.

Cash in Your Rewards

Everyone has a rewards program these days (or so it seems). Log into some of the ones that you belong to, and there's a good chance that you can redeem your points for free magazine subscriptions.

Also be sure to check rewards credit cards, Frequent flyer programs, and survey sites.

Head to the Library

Eliminate a source of clutter from your home and save some cash by checking magazines out from your local library. You may even be able to load digital copies to your tablet or e-reader, meaning you won't even have to go to the library to check them out or return them.

Swap with Friends

Subscribe to a couple magazines. Then, swap them with a friend when you're done with them. It's an easy way to turn two subscriptions into four or more!

Watch the Daily Deal Sites

Daily deal sites love to run specials on magazines. Watch for hot one-time offers on your favorite mags. Then, grab them before they disappear.

Avoid-Auto Renewal

Sign up for auto-renewal of your subscriptions, and you better believe the publisher will "automatically" charge you the highest rate on the books when it comes time to renew. Make sure that auto-renew box isn't checked when you start a new subscription, so you have plenty of room to bargain later.

Get a Digital Subscription

Have an e-reader? Then, consider trading your snail-mailed magazines in for digital copies. You'll pay less for them, and probably get them sooner.

Grab a BOGO Deal

Generally, the "one-for-me-one-for-you" approach to gift giving isn't a good idea, but it can be with magazines. Wait for your favorite magazine to run an offer for a free gift subscription when you buy yours, and you'll have one less gift to buy each year.