What the Saturn Square Neptune Means

Tim Robberts/Getty Images.

Saturn and Neptune form a tense angle (the square), as a wake-up call, in a time of confusion. It's a time to let the truth and your own moral courage light your way through the thicket of illusions.  

This cosmic choreography of Saturn squaring Neptune promises to intensify a phenomenon that's already underway. And that's the adventure of finding meaning and a guiding vision in chaotic surreal times. 

Both planets are in mutable signs, with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Since both are to do with visions, in all terrain from the worldly to the otherworldly, there can be the swift and continual morphing of this question: What's possible?   

Reality itself can seem loosely held together, and at times, shared assumptions are busted up, in favor of more expansive -- and inspiring -- world views. Saturn aims to restructure the philosophical outlook and free the mind to travel beyond known boundaries. 

In its square to Neptune (Pisces), there can be disillusionment and dissolving of what seemed so real. At that moment, there can be the urge to escape, if it's too shattering a process for the psyche. But it can also be liberating when the blinders are off, and there's more to see and do and be. 

Jupiter's Pathway

Both Sagittarius and Pisces share a traditional ruler, and that's Jupiter, the planet of faith and the brightest future. The coming together of Saturn and Neptune in these signs brings together instinct and the intuition, and something more....the kind of sharpened merging of intelligence that's needed to make the best choices. 

And with mutable mania in this meetup, the choices come at you constantly. It could be said that a life lesson of mutables is to experiment with choice and gain confidence in the ability to adapt. With Saturn involved here, there's a sense of finding stability through those choices.  

The solid path is the one with meaning and that rings true, that's corroborated by crazy serendipity. If something feels off, it could be time to let old ideas and assumptions float out with the Neptunian tide. 

There's a time to commit (Saturn) to the vision, and a time to go with the dissolving flow (Neptune). Those that keep an open mind, and are willing to admit they've been "blind" to some things -- that some perceptions have been veiled -- are able to adapt to the swift perceptual changes of the times.

Bubbles Bursting

Since Sagittarius rules higher education and media, we could see the bubbles here popping. An example is more young people looking to paths of independent study, and where they can find knowledge.

They may be wary of inflated tuition and empty promises and consider alternatives that lead them out into adulthood in an inspiring way. The expansion of alternative media could be formalized in new ways, as people seek voices of integrity and truth. 

Knowledge is Power Vs. Blind Faith

It's just a reality of life that we grow up believing certain things because it's what we're taught or what we perceive to be true. One angle of this Saturn (Sagittarius) square Neptune event, could be the demand to update your world view, in areas where it's proven to be an illusion. 

This aspect can rock those assumptions to their foundations, and that's an experience that can be shattering. But it's also freeing ​since the clearing of those beliefs can reveal options, that before were veiled. 

Neptune's arena is culture, from advertisement to entertainment, and the memes that float by with them. In this Saturn-Neptune confrontation, we could revisit (especially during the retrogrades), how the worldview has been dreamed into being. 

We could especially look at visions of the future, with these energies, and what's on offer. Why are so many visions of the future, so nightmarish and apocalyptic? The square from Saturn could urge a re-setting of the eye, toward what inspires and evokes wonder, and away from poisoned, demoralizing scenes. 

More Saturn-Neptune Themes

  • Those questing for truth mature, and become adept at countering disinformation.
  • Reality checks make it harder to stay in denial or to escape. 
  • Many deal with shattered illusions, but are then free to dream a new dream. 
  • Moral conscience is a reliable guide, in a time of universal deceit.