Saturn in Virgo Personality Traits

Overcome Fears and Obsessions for Well-Rounded Moderation

Woman vacuuming and a man being sucked up into the vacuum
Saturn Virgos can be obsessive with such things as cleaning.

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For those with Saturn Virgo, work is not separate from life - it IS life. 

That's why this Saturn is happiest with a career that grows with them. There's a danger of getting stuck in a limiting job, and then agonizing over making a move. But you're likely to go through times of breaking out of old roles and moving on to greener pastures.

A lesson is that your passion for work doesn't have to narrow your world. And that when you've outgrown certain duties, it's worth the disruption and angst, to move on.

Face the Fear of Not Being Perfect

Since Saturn represents fear of change or defensives, in Virgo, this comes out as obsessive-compulsive disorder. You could be that guy that goes over a document twenty times or freaks over a bit of clutter. You'll want to face the fear of not being perfect, tidy and in control at all times. 

Some Saturn Virgos deal with extreme worry, hypochondria or insecurity. And you might have a hard time winding down, especially after a busy, productive day. 

Your challenge is not to leave your whole self, including the body, behind, as you go about your day. You can become a paragon of well-rounded moderation, over time. 

Saturn and What It Means 

Saturn relates to time, mortality, structure, and making sure everything is in place, to get where you want to go. Saturn in the Zodiac signs determines how you build your life structure. Saturn fares well in earnest, productivity-minded Virgo. 

This bestows a methodical nature, someone not afraid of working hard. It lends extraordinary patience, with the ability to keep a schedule others find tedious. A challenge with Saturn in Virgo is making work meaningful, linking all this effort to a higher sense of purpose. If there's a crisis during Saturn turning points, it could be related to this - aligning the higher calling with the day-to-day.

 The Body as a Central Focus

An event or illness may make the body a central focus for those with this Saturn. There may be a physical limitation that tests their endurance. And because Saturn means lack or delay, in Virgo there might have been little physical autonomy when young. A parent might have been overly involved in bodily functions, for example. The body system may have seemed out of whack, and often was mirroring the chaos of the home.

Saturn in Virgo may have experienced a general lack of boundaries while growing up. The challenge, then, is to work back to a purified, whole-unto-oneself state. This may lead them on an odyssey to wholeness, to become healers or health professionals.

The Saturn Return

The Saturn Return is a crossroads for maturation that hits every 29 years. ​When Saturn is in Virgo, you have a reckoning with your life purpose. Here are the dates: 

September 1948 to August 1951; November 1977 to September 1980; September 2007 to July 2010; October 2036 to September 2039

Many find the Second Saturn Return (in the late fifties) to be a time of taking stock of life lived and come to terms with mortality. It can intensify the drive to fulfill a burning dream or make significant adjustments.

Compulsive Doer

In an effort to create structure, Saturn in Virgos may go overboard with compulsive habits that look neurotic to the outsider. There's a craving for an inner purpose, but often that seems elusive. The key to finding an anchor of the self lies with the body, and its particular intelligence. This can make Saturn in Virgos devoted to constantly refining their health regimen.

Saturn's House position shows where these behaviors play out. For example, Saturn in the First House creates a charge to do with personality and self-image.

Saturn in Virgo brings a focus on the intricate workings, and how details add up to the big picture. It draws them into their own physical system, but also to the Earth body, as well. Some are inspired to serve the environment. Through hard work, they can use their instinctual knowledge of how systems are linked, and be of service that way.

Find Your Own Authority

The dreadful word slave comes up with Virgo, and with Saturn here, there's often a rising up out of shackles of some kind. The full expression of Virgo is someone whose service comes like a gift from within their wholeness of self. Saturn's lessons are about finding your own authority.

Having Saturn in Virgo may mean feeling used and abused, or always under someone's thumb. The victory comes when Saturn in Virgo finds personal power through self-healing. When they've cleaned up their act, they're ready to maintain this delicate balance by serving others.

Quality and Element

Mutable Earth

Saturn Themes

Mind-body connection, moderation, daily rhythm, environmentalism, integrity, making an honest living, balance, self-containment, purpose, order.

Possible Challenges

Invasion of privacy, eating disorders, sensitive to touch, lack of early stability, work-a-holism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondria, nervous temperament, co-dependency.