Saturn in the Second House

Or Saturn in Taurus

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Saturn's way is one of effort and facing what we fear. A person with a second-house Saturn can fear lack and poverty, even if the coffers are full.

You might sell your soul for security or a big paycheck (though, fortunately, you can't really sell your soul). With Saturn in the second, you might feel trapped and work hard at jobs that deny you full expression or that feel punishing and wear you down. The fears of Saturn can keep you in jobs at odds with your true life purpose.

At certain Saturn crossroads (like the Saturn return), there could be disruption to the structure that keeps you from growing. When you align yourself with your true values toward slow, steady growth, you are very driven to succeed.

And a second-house Saturn makes worldly gain a big deal. In his Complete Astrology book, Alan Oken writes, "A well-placed Saturn in this domicile indicates someone who can profit most from investing the least, but a poorly placed Saturn can deprive a person of wealth or at least bring certain fears concerning the use of money."

Where does this come from? It's one of the mysteries of Saturn and its teachings in our lives. Look to Taurus' ruler Venus in your chart for more ease, pleasure, and ways to enhance well-being. Is there a way to work hard at what you love?

The second house relates to sensual Taurus, the sign of wisely growing toward a solid future.

The "Work" House

Saturn is primed to work in the second house of Taurus and to put down strong roots. A sense of drive and a willingness to make sacrifices and persevere leads to success.

Traditional astrology lines you up for what's tangible or has "real" value. Your Saturnian instincts draw you into real estate, working with the land, construction/contracting, apprenticeship/crafts, or mastery of an art form.

Other possibilities take you into owning a business, being an architecture/landscape architect, engineering, becoming an interior designer or caterer, being a restauranteur, or starting a microbrewery, a boutique, a salon, or an herbal product or aromatherapy line. Venus is strong here but given form, structure, and definition.

The drive is to create substance, in work and at home. You want visible proof of what you've accomplished. This might be a comfortable home with all the fine furnishings or reaching a level of net worth that allays your fears of not having enough.

As we know, Saturn can be a taskmaster that gets out of hand. All work and no play is no fun and leads to burnout, resentment, stress, and ill health. You get worn down. Some with this Saturn labor under the assumption they're on their own. Look for collaborators to share the work and the rewards.

Your Personal Values

The second house and Taurus are about personal values. This house is directly across from the eighth house, which has to do with shared values and investments. 

Saturn in this house means your standards are high, and you want to do things your way. There's a strong sense of self-reliance and a push to make the most of your natural gifts. 

If you see how this is a progression from the first house of identity, in the second, you are establishing yourself in a grounded, earthed way. You are cultivating your resources and living your values. 

Your great need to be established and build up a strong, solid base can lead to being inflexible and resistant to change. There can be a fear of losing what you have if you're not in control of it. 

But as you relax that fear, you find joy in sharing what you've created and being at peace with what you've manifested in life.