Saturn in the Houses

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Saturn is the character-builder extraordinaire and the planet of maturity.  It's associated with limits, like the ultimate one, our mortality.  

But along with Father Time, the scythe and the Grim Reaper, it's the planet of wisdom.  Not cleverness or being able to parrot back what's been taught to you, but wisdom from your own experience.  

Saturn is the planet that represents the walls we bump into, and the ones we create for ourselves.  And to be fair, a lot of those walls come from society, like the pressure to conform.  

We might put a negative spin on Saturn, but it's got many expressions.  We need Saturn, as the pressure we feel to make an effort, and move slowly toward tangible goals.  The Saturn crossroads points are wake-up calls that alert us to the reality that time is marching on.  

I remember reading a quote that stuck with me.  Something like, "Life is too short to do everything, and too long to do nothing."  Saturn helps you focus on what matters most, and often there's a restriction of energy, so that happens.  

 It's symbolic for the shape of our lives, and without it, we're a blob, dissipating our energies, and backing away from the crises that help us grow.  On Saturn as the Inner Teacher, April Elliott Kent writes in Practical Astrology:  "All of us have limitations and failings.  Our actions have consequences.  And we all face tests.  Saturn is the symbol that says, 'Life is hard.  But you can't even begin to make it better unless you first face up to reality and take responsibility.'" 

Your Saturn sphere is where it falls in your birth chart.  

There's a special charge related to activities of this House, so it's worth pondering.  The Twelve Houses each represent a set of activities, preoccupations, interests and paths of growth.  

Your Saturn House position shows the meaningful way you experience your own integrity.  And it's the way you defend your integrity too, which can involve fears and anxieties.  

Saturn gives you a hint at what "triggers" you the most, to use a popular word.  Your triggering is a clue to a constellation of defense mechanisms, that you'll want to fully face, to be able to stand firm, and overcome them.  

Saturn is the planet of trials and tribulations, that when you face with, give you a sense of confidence that's hard-won.  That's when you can claim to have proven yourself, most of all, to yourself.  But others also sense this, and respond to someone who wears their experience and authority.

The planet Saturn has rings, as you know, and is the one that's visible, at the edge of the visible world.  This is significant, since it's the planet of limitations.  It's the edge of what's possible, until you break through and experience a new awareness of what's possible.  

Saturn is the structure, and we can liken it to a vessel that can withstand a lot of pressure.  But when we're growing through life, we want the vessel to hold, and not break apart and send us reeling.  

Your Saturn Zodiac Sign shows how this force behaves, defends its integrity and establishes a secure base.  And your Saturn House placement clues you in to the life arena in which this plays out.  

Saturn in the Houses - Which Life Sphere?  

Saturn in the First House - Self-Image 

First impressions are intense for you, and you might even be cold, or shy.  You overcome crippling inhibition, and become a force to be reckoned with over time.

Saturn in the Second House - Rooting In 

Some deal with insecurity over finances.  You feel solid when you invest in what will become self-sustaining.

Saturn in the Third House - Perceptions 

Being adaptable and fluent with language gives you confidence.  You grow into feeling light, neighborly and witty.

Saturn in the Fourth House - Home Base

The House is symbolic of the psyche -- is yours well-built or collapsing?  Is it in need of extensive renovation?

Saturn in the Fifth House - Creativity

Your struggle is to express yourself on the stage of your choosing.  Through trials, you learn to love yourself and your special gifts.  

Saturn in the Sixth House - Well-Being

The charge for you is to do with being productive, healthy and making a difference.  You become a model others follow.

Saturn in the Seventh House - Commitment

You're intense about all your one-on-one connections, and may delay permanent bonds.  Over time, you settle into stable unions in your own way.

Saturn in the Eighth House - Transforming

You might fear risks and taboos, to the point of developing phobias about what would happen.  You become emotionally courageous, as you discern which risks are worth such total change.  

Saturn in the Ninth House - Knowledge 

You're driven to know the world first-hand, and might have to overcome small-mindedness to get there.  With time, you become the confident traveler, expanding your knowledge with every trip.

Saturn in the Tenth House - Authority 

Your ambition is strong, and you're serious about making the effort.  You mature into an authority who inspires others to reach for greatness, too. 

Saturn in the Eleventh House - Visionary 

You're different, and might feel alien, until you find your niche as an innovative thinker.  You become the one that introduces new concepts that become the new reality.

Saturn in the Twelfth House - Cloistered 

This Saturn brings with it a touch of loneliness, and you might seek escape through addiction, which is a desire to go into that state of grace.  With maturity, you accept that you're earthed, and find ways to bring heaven to Earth.