Saturn in the Fifth House

Seriously Creative

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Saturn in the Fifth gives you a longing to be that life of the party when in your most defensive moments, you're the killjoy.

You yearn to be admired and loved for who you are, but struggle to know your true worth.   

Creativity is a biggy with the Fifth House. Sometimes there's a delay or need to overcome many obstacles to authentic self-expression. There's often a lifelong lesson wrapped in there, to know the security of being who you are.

Free to be me? This will be a question that's as much to do with overcoming inner barriers as outer ones. You might seem serious-minded in your younger years. The wisdom to grow young and more joyful comes with each season. You'll find hints too, reading about Saturn in Leo.  

Your Challenge Is to Trust Spontaneity Long Enough

Much will depend on aspects to Saturn -- has your quest to shine been met resistance or has it been tenderly supported? Were there cheerleaders helping you each step of the way? Or was your unique nature met with stern authority?

With Saturn here, there can be some undoing of beliefs, before you shine bright.

From Joann Hampar's Astrology for Beginners: "A creative project that withstands the test of time describes Saturn in the fifth house. Though it may take time, you have the perseverance to bring your ideas to fruition."

Tough Love 

From Cafe Astrology: "Saturn seriously impedes spontaneity. You might be recognized as the "party pooper" or a bad date. Don't let that happen to you! Individuals with Saturn in the fifth house might find it difficult to "play" or do fun things. Saturnine guilt and responsibility might make you search for a "good" reason to have fun. All work and no play might stress you out to the point of neurosis. Recognize that you don't always need a cause to relax and enjoy life."

Saturn in our charts (and lives) is the area where effort is required to push out beyond limits. With Saturn, we're challenged to break down ways of being that become personal prisons. A challenge with the fifth house is to get beyond habits of self-denial. Your happy task is to let yourself gravitate toward what you naturally love.

The safe route is to pile on responsibilities and take the path that's socially acceptable. But sooner or later, Saturn's pressures become too great and the facade begins to crumble. Look for ways to follow your bliss. Creativity workshops are a possible good thing, where you feel safe and supported.

So here, you've got the enviable "lesson" to learn how to do things just for fun. You might have to confront your inner authoritarian, the one that wants to keep you "on task." You'll find that you're more productive in the long run, if you take a chance on pure joy. There may be layers of "shoulds" to be peeled back, to know what kinds of activities and people create that for you.

For those who take up the Saturnian call, you could become the authority, in this thing you claim with effort. You might be drawn to a career that has some component of adventure travel, hobbies or artistic self-expression. You become the master of your Saturnian fears as disciplined performer, humorist, bon vivant, joyful parent or high-spirited lover.

Sidling Up to Saturn

For a backdoor route to breaking out of Saturnian limitations, look to the dispositor of your Saturn sign. Find the dispositor by taking note of your Saturn sign, and its ruler -- look to this ruling planet (its sign and house position) for what Stephen Arroyo calls a subtone of your Saturn.

For example, if your Saturn is in Aries like mine, since Aries is Mars-ruled, look for where Mars is in your birth chart. For me, that's Libra, so my Saturn has a Libra subtone.

The rest of your chart, especially trines, show areas where you're gifted with flow, gifts, ease. Making the most of your natural harmonies will make it easier to take the risks that Saturn demands. Also, look to Jupiter, the companion to Saturn, for hints at how to grow.  Read about Jupiter and Saturn as a balancing act.

Overcoming: Sense of being unimportant; fear of taking risks; holding back from shining; stifling pride; fear of disapproval; self-denial; restraint of enthusiasm.

Encouragement: Taking the right risks; disciplined artist; 'authority' with children; structured play; organized past times (classifying coins, for example); a teacher of instinctual arts; skillful dramatist; world of children a big draw.