Libra: Saturn in the Seventh House

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The seventh house is the zone of significant one-to-ones. It's out of this inner circle of friends, lovers, colleagues, and children that the very structure (Saturn) of life is created. It's weighty for most people, but when Saturn's here, it's a personal mountain to climb. And earning its rewards — healthy, stable relationships — are a pinnacle.

Saturn in the relationship zone can mean there are big, at times crippling inhibitions. What appears to be a cakewalk for others — pairing up — comes bundled with a lot of stress for you.

It's just so important, that when it seems near or possible, there can be intensity, fear or social paralysis. One early step is to develop trust with a friend, as the basis for other kinds of relationships.

Some Saturn seventh natives sense the intensely formative impact of bonding in a two-some and instinctively shy away. Traditionally, this is someone who is reserved in love or making friends. There is some wisdom in that, as Saturn demands patience until the time is right. Sometimes, especially if your Saturn is in opposition to personal planets, there can be delays caused by life circumstances or other barriers.

Overcoming: Fear of rejection; disappointing early relationships; shouldering heavy burdens in love; marrying for societal status; love as a business alliance; overly dependent on approval.

Encouragement: Brings discipline to stay current with friends and lovers; wisdom-earned in a relationship; attracted to established, settled people; many older friends or lovers; dependable colleague or business partner.

Beloved in the Mirror

Someone with this Saturn will be tested — are you attracted a relationship as a mirror of your feelings of inadequacy? That's also why Saturn here tends to be resistant to merging lives. He or she is torn between the fears of missing out and that of making an irreversible (permanent) choice. Some natives sense the need to find themselves, before taking the plunge.

Alternatively, there could be choices made when young that feel fundamentally wrong. A divorce or break-up is hard on this Saturn and could turn life upside down. It's also possible that he or she witnessed a heavy, depressing relationship growing up. Maybe there was a divorce that ripped the family apart.

Saturn is about going beyond known ways of living. You might repeat a pattern you've sworn you would never. The area of significant others is a testing ground, to find what works best. That could feel like going beyond the known and conventional. It has to be authentic and based on real-life experience, not theory. In the end, Saturn here makes one wise about love and even an adviser to others.

Call and Response

Saturn here is opposite the ascendant, where the personality meets the world. And the seventh house is the first sign to crest into the public houses (seven to twelve). It's here, there is great meaning in how others react, and how this affects self-image. Who am I, based on how you're responding to me?

So the seventh house is also the relationship to "your public." A performer or educator with this Saturn commits eliciting a response — from curiosity to a cathartic emotion. Saturn here hints at gifts of shaping public opinion. It's a truism that what you fear most has great power — and this Saturn's is confronting a fear of reactions of others.

Saturn also hints at responsibility in one-on-ones. With an audience or the public-at-large, that translates to a sense of duty or service. An example is an author that writes in service to humanity. The sign of your Saturn and its ruler (dispositor) will significantly influence how you do that dance with 'the Other.'


Here's what astrologer Bob Marks said:

"Saturn in the Seventh House: tends to delay marriage. In fact, if you have this one, don’t get married or even live with someone (other than a roommate) until you are at least twenty nine years old. You have to wait for Saturn to complete a full cycle around the Sun for things to work out here. Early marriages will slowly decay and fail. I’ve seen this in over 90% of the cases. The partner may be older by at least seven years, and if not a Capricorn, then at least a Capricorn type, solid, dependable, conservative in their private life. Marriage may be for money or security. Watch out. That one frequently backfires on you. Conversely, you yourself may become more practical and hard working after marriage. What this placement definitely does NOT favor is a spur of the moment marriage for romantic reasons to someone you just met."

Cafe Astrology notes that:

"The seventh, Libra, and Venus are all related. Venus rules relationships involving warmth and love. The seventh house is not naturally connected to love. Successful marriages are a combination of the seventh house (partnership) and fifth house self-expression (love). Be aware of your predilection. Know that you might be the kind of person who takes relationships more seriously than most. Be aware that your sense of responsibility makes you a very good partner. Your partner benefits from your attitude. Advertise yourself as someone who might not get into relationships easily but when you do, they last forever."

The Gift

As hinted as above, when real love does come, the reward is sweeter for all that's happened. A suitable partner is not taken for granted, and the dedication brought to it supports love through many seasons.

Another gift is greater self-awareness, from being so tuned in to others. If your Saturn is here, you can be experienced as wise in all your encounters. You can become an elder in your golden years, sought out for your thoughtful observations.