Saturn in Scorpio

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Your Saturn sign shows your points of unsettling intensity, and Scorpio is the most intense of the Zodiac signs. You gain stability in life, as you slowly but surely learn to deal with--and eventually master--your own powerful drives, emotions and psychic potency. 

Psychic Defenses

Because there's such a charge with Saturn, it's where we look for a build-up of defenses. Saturn shows the behaviors and personality patterns that have developed as a protective response. 

Many of these responses are awkward, and we often sense that, but it may also be unconscious. These reactions are conditioned responses, and for a time they keep what we fear at bay. 

Often, it's an unconscious reaction to the "threat" of being destabilized by whatever Saturn's charge holds. That's why Saturn's demands can bring up fear, and peak with events around the Saturn Return (every 29 1/2 years). 

Scorpio is a sign that's fixated on power, but this too is often an ingrained part of who they are. Some defenses with Saturn have to do with power and the need to be in control of a situation or relationship. 

The Saturn Scorpio person starts to get shaky when control is slipping through her fingers. Or when all that's been stuffed down, starts to rise up, or takes on a life of its own. 

The considerable psychic power of Scorpio is dark sided through manipulation, sometimes based on sexual and/or intimate friendship bonds. Or the Saturn Scorpio person finds themselves bound up with another through debt, inheritance or what's shared (money, possessions, children). 

Saturn Scorpios people feel these entanglements acutely, even at a distance--you can say, they are aware of energetic cords, like an energy healer sees. There can be ordeals of separation that take these natives to hell and back, but that's the nature of Scorpio--to rise from the ashes. 

Saturn's hidden treasure here is the promise of real soul-deep peace and a sense of hard-won self-mastery.


With Saturn in Scorpio in the birth chart, a strong will meets fierce focus.

The result is persistence, endurance and sometimes ruthlessness, in the pursuit of goals. You know how to channel your power in ways that draw on an unseen emotional-psychic force.

You can be fixed and unyielding when you want something. Some hard lessons are about loosening the grip of control and dealing with obsessive behavior.

On the journey, you confront many potential dangers as you learn to manage your own intensity. You learn to tame or channel shadow intensity like manipulation, betrayal, abuse, jealousy, bedevilment, and revenge.

From learning to endure or deal with the wild, potent forces, you claim your true power. By becoming a master of the dark, you face your fears and learn how to go through the death-rebirth process again and again.

One of your superpowers is to transform darkness or toxic situations and to release vital energy in the process. Your gift to others is sensing the very structure of things, like the emotional-psychic blueprint. 

This knowing serves you in many ways, from being the one that hits the essence of a problem at work, to solving mysteries or transforming what's dead or decaying. 

Shadow Healer

Your journeys into formidable inner territory turns you into a wise guide for others. You are especially committed to being present at the thresh hold moments of life like sex, birth, and death.

You may become someone others look to, as the end draws near. You are a wisdom keeper, and your milieu is the threshold--those places of transition, like from life to death, and to life again. 

You know how to take the diseased and poisoned parts and transform them. This makes you a soul healer, whether you take on that role officially or not. By taking the hard road that leaves no stone unturned, you are a trusted seer for others. When you face your fears and learn to shape your destiny, you become a profound person to those around you.

Saturn Return in Scorpio

At this crossroads, the overall stability of your psyche is tested. 

If you've been running from something within yourself, that becomes more difficult, if not impossible. Saturn seems to have a way of closing doors to old habits or enablers--hastening the end to anything that's the energetic glue to the established way of doing things.

It can feel like life falls apart before it gets better. You might now finally decide to do "whatever it takes" to get to the heart of your struggles or resistance to what you want to create.