Saturn in Sagittarius (2014 to 2017) - The Forecast

Steadying Aim

Credit: Anna Gorin / Getty Images.

With Saturn Sagittarius, one trend I've observed is the ordeal to establish what's true.  And (in 2016), it's interesting to note the decline of mainstream media, which many see as having lost their way.

On the other hand, there's a rise in alternative media, and the search for voices that have integrity. 

Sagittarius rules journalism, along with higher education and philosophy.  With Saturn there, I've noticed a rigidity of ideologies, to the point of entrenchment.  An example is when there's no longer a foundation of objective truth, leading to the rise of solipsism, the idea that only one's own "truth" can be known. 

There's also the danger of rigid blinders-on perspectives, as I wrote about in Saturn Sagittarius:  Fear of Knowledge.  Saturn Sagittarius has exposed the stifling climate that results when there is an unspoken agreement on values -- or assumptions --  that you sense you can't deviate from.

I recently heard someone saying that awareness is a key to survival, for any people.  And that it's an ordeal these days to be someone who connects dots, which is the gift of mastery-level Sagittarius. 

But this kind of wisdom is urgently needed, and it's a navigational tool, to make it through the confusion of our times.  You can fortify yourself when you develop the ability to cut through deception, and to adapt to your ever-expanding knowlege. 

The wisdom that comes from truth seeking is a stable foundation to build on, even as it expands with new knowlege. 

True Aims

Saturn brings its mighty organizing ultimatum to fire sign Sagittarius starting December 20th, 2014.  In the broadest terms, this is a transit to get serious about far-reaching plans.

Saturn, when transiting, shows us where we're out of synch with these long range visions.  It may seem an awkward task for Saturn to be seeking to control and restructure the freedom-seeking mutable fire sign (Sagittarius). 

But here we have a chance to get Saturnian with our Jupiterian highest aspirations, and set out on the path of achievable goals.  A big theme is restructuring life around true aims, whatever that takes.  And sometimes, it means a massively agonizing overhaul -- that's where Saturn's rep for being a baddie comes in.  Saturn might say it's all for your own good, and in the end, we can eventually look back and see that too!  

Here are the dates into 2017:

  • Saturn into Sagittarius December 20th, 2014 to June 14th 2015
  • Saturn back into Scorpio June 14th to September 18th, 2015
  • Saturn into Sagittarius September 18th to December 19th, 2017 

Saturn's Reach

So when will Sagittarians and those with Sagittarius planets (especially Saturn) start to feel in the zone?  Astrologer Demetra George tells her students that the effects are in play, when a planet enters the Zodiac sign

In her book, Astrology and the Authentic Self, she writes, "On the most general level, as soon as a transiting planet enters a sign, the entire sign is stimulated by its presence, and every planet occupying any degree of that sign becomes charged, because the sign itself is charged."

With this in mind, if you're a Sagittarius Sun or about to experience your Saturn (in Sagittarius) return, the fun begins in December, 2014.  Follow Saturn's degrees as it moves across Sagittarius, if you're expecting angles to your planets.

The fire signs (and planets in fire signs) get a bolstering from Saturn.  Along with it, comes an inspired urge to stabilize a dream, with the support of a higher calling or vision.  The big vitality of fire signs finds its way to concrete expressions. 

And something that lasts is created by keeping eyes on the prize -- goals that marry personal desires with the aim of making the world brighter, wiser and more enlightened in some way. 

When Saturn is blazing through your natal Sagittarius House (or Houses), that's where you put in extra effort.  It's time to tend to foundations or lay the groundwork, in that astrological House

Saturn also has a way of closing (sometimes slamming) doors.  If Saturn transits your Seventh House, for example, you could see significant people exit your life.  But it goes both ways, and Saturn there also brings people your way that will be meaningful and possibly long-term, like a marriage or enduring friendship.  Find your Sagittarius house and planets in your birth chart. 

Higher Learning

Is it time to get some kind of credentials?  This transit could lead to formalizing study in some way. 

And yet, the very way we set out to gain knowledge could be up for restructuring.  Some might find more stability through independent study, where the driving impulse is to follow a thread of inspiration or intellectual curiosity.

We'll continue to see the rise of the independent researcher, freed from the limiting end result of compartmentalizing knowledge.  There could be exciting new interdisciplinary fields that widen the view of the world.

Handling the Truth

The quest for knowledge as a stabilizing force finds its way into media, too, with Saturn into Sagittarius.  The shift away from sponsored-media with set agendas is freeing and expansive. 

What's already begun could be stabilized, and create more solid opportunities in the area of independent journalism.  Sagittarius by way of Jupiter, rules the public discourse.  And we could see a restoration of integrity with media, as individuals and networks set standards of loyalty to truth (a Jupiterian aim).

There can also be with Saturn, a pull to face fears that keep something fearful under control.  So with Saturn in the sign of the truth seeker, we can invite overcoming fear, when it keeps us from looking and connecting the dots. 

Saturn gives us the backbone to tolerate that state of being in-between, when one world view is being challenged by what's discovered.  By being able to let go of outdated perceptions, we find a new stability.  And we gain confidence in our ability to make these kinds of adjustments, in the future, as more is learned, and the picture ever deepens and widens. 

Beams Through the Fog

Take note that Saturn (Sagittarius) will be squaring Neptune (in Pisces) at different times through the year 2015.  One outcome here is big compassion for the many ways to make sense of life and our world. 

There could also be a freeing of the spirit by dissolving beliefs that keep us in narrow fields of perception. 

This is a general look-see -- stay tuned as Saturn progresses through Sagittarius, for special topics that relate to this transit.