The Saturn in Leo Personality

This zodiac pair proves the best things in life are worth waiting for

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In many ways, having Saturn in Leo in your natal chart is a study in opposites. Leo, a fire sign, is ruled by the brightness of the Sun, while Saturn is a dark planet that casts a shadow of control. Leo is a "big personality" sign but Saturn is all about to restraint and caution.

The Saturn-Leo Conundrum

Leo is a natural leader. Those with Saturn in Leo (the Fifth House) are disciplined in many ways, including self-expression. They may appear reserved, but beneath the stoic surface, there's often a diva waiting for the right moment to take center stage.

All Saturn signs have a built-in dichotomy notes Elizabeth Rose Campbell in her book, "Intuitive Astrology." "How can I trust that my spontaneity will find its own discipline without imposing too much order on it from the first effort?" 

If you have Saturn in Leo, you can best live your dreams by taking calculated risks and developing your considerable talents—perhaps without letting others know just how ambitious you really are. Find safe places and people to whom you can reveal your talents, and when the moment comes, be prepared to step into the spotlight.

The Hubris Factor

At times, Leo can be its own worst enemy. The Leo Dark Side is arrogant and selfish. It's an attitude that may manifest itself as being overly strict and can make you come across as a tyrant. As a Leo, you crave admiration and respect, but are you worthy and deserving of them, or are you attached to the idea of being special above all others? Shows of pride, willful actions, and the need to be top dog greatly detract from your charisma.

Saturn, however, may reveal the source of your negative behaviors and point out how these unhealthy patterns developed into shadowy traits. Unfortunately, the fixedness of Leo makes this a stubborn Saturn placement. You'll have to overcome the epic pride that's both your gift and your potential downfall in order to find peace. The best way to celebrate your own uniqueness while respecting it in others may be learning to laugh at yourself and trying not to take everything so seriously.

Beyond Big Personality to True Self-Expression

Prolific astrology author Alan Oken writes,

"People with Saturn in Leo often tend to use personal power to control the environment. From a Soul-centered perspective, this tendency has to be transformed in such a way that personal creative power is directed towards service to the collective."

If it is not thus transformed, the powerful Leo personality can stand in the way of real authentic self-expression. During a Saturn transit, it may be hard or impossible to dazzle people with your charms. You might even be called out as a fake. As harsh as this may seem, when Saturn closes doors, it can lead to honest soul searching and the potential for spiritual growth. 

Growing Young, Finding Love 

Having Saturn in Leo means you will likely "grow young as you get older." This is not to be confused with immaturity, but rather, a willingness to let true feelings emerge and blossom.

As Saturn in Leo comes of age, you may find yourself channeling your creativity into satisfying forms to become a master of play. You might even go into the leisure business in some way, or follow a passion full-time as a career.

If you've always been conservative when it comes to wearing your heart on your sleeve in your romantic life, that may change as well. As you learn to face fears and open yourself up to spontaneity, you may be surprised to discover that you own a courageous heart. As a result, your great love may find you at an older age.

The biggest challenge for "larger than life" Leo is to let go of the powerful facade in order to reveal the endearing creative player/artist—and lover—within. With the revelatory guidance of Saturn, lessons learned can be put to good use.