Learn the Impact of 'Saturn Is in Aquarius' in Your Birth Chart?

Qualities You Possess With Saturn in Your Sun Sign

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With Saturn in Aquarius or the eleventh house, you pride yourself on being a free-thinker.  And yet you bring a seriousness to thinking that can lead to a hard, heavy attitude. 

Brainy, Outside-of-the-Box Problem Solver

You are brilliant. A genius with your ideas, yet quirky and unconventional. Aquarians are usually free-dealing, but with Saturn by your side, you are more structured and reserved.

You can be quite a paradox. At times, the rigidity of Saturn can make you feel willful about your far-out opinions. You're often committed to pursuing your own threads off the beaten track and can end up being quite the inventor or true original. Saturn's vibe of control and order can give you an authoritative attitude that is hard to shake. You will want to guard against the calcification of your ideas, so you stay open to the input of others.


You are committed to friends and the alliances you form. Many of these come from being on the same wavelength, or a shared devotion to a cause. You are responsible, loyal, and can be an impartial confidante. For the most part, you are level-headed and stable. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to make friends and you may act on the shy side, but at your core, you want to be part of the group. You are seriously eccentric, in some ways, but can be unexpectedly conservative in some areas. You work hard to be authentic and can be enigmatic to those around you. One of your biggest obstacles is your ego, which can sometimes get in the way since you give off a sense of superiority to those around you. 

You are ahead of your time, your ideas, some far-fetched are actually some of the best ideas around. You are happy being on your own, a staunch individualist, and believe in personal freedoms for all. You will fight for that cause since it strikes at your own motivations. 

You may have a tendency to pride yourself on being different from others that sometimes you get lost in it. You may be contrary at times just for the sake of not wanting to go along with others since it seems so sheepish to you. It is important to reign in your thoughts. Work in tandem with others to solve problems. You cannot do it all alone. In fact, you are destined to fail if you cannot work well in a team.

Your Health

Physically, if Saturn is in Aquarius when you are born, you need to work harder at keeping your circulatory and nervous systems healthy. This is not only your arteries, veins, and nerves, but also your heart and brain. Obstructions in circulation can lead to serious life-threatening health situations. And, if you neglect your nervous system, you may lose sensitivity.

Celebrities Born With Saturn in Aquarius

Elvis Presley, Brad Pitt, Mozart, Tom Cruise, Sophia Loren, and Greta Garbo