Veronica Mars Filming Locations in San Diego

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

Mark Whitt Photography / Getty Images

Love the television show, Veronica Mars? Here is a list of locations where the show was filmed in San Diego

The Mars Residence

This is actually The Inn at Sunset Cliffs on Point Loma, located at 1370 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. This area of town is a beautiful place to watch the sunset and waves crashing below. It is also a favorite surfing spot.

Mars Investigations

The exterior shot of Veronica's dad's building where his private investigation agency is housed is along Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. For reference, it looks like it is next to the popular Lestat's Coffee House.

Neptune High School

Exteriors of Veronica's high school are shot at Oceanside High School in Oceanside, a city along the coast in North County San Diego. It is located at 1 Pirates Cove in Oceanside and is right off I-5 at the Mission Avenue exit; you can actually see the campus from the freeway (if you look quickly).

Hearst College

Once Veronica and gang entered college, there were scenes on the campus, which really is San Diego State University. Much of Season Three's premiere episode shows the picturesque old quad with the famous bell tower arch, Hepner Hall, the library quad, the Faculty Staff center, and the Administration building.


In the episode "A Trip to the Dentist" what is supposed to be a location in Cuba (the country) is actually the El Prado area of Balboa Park, where most of the museums are concentrated.

Strip Clubs

In a couple of early episodes, strip clubs are seen in stakeouts. These would be the Body Shop and Les Girls, both located next to each other just off Rosecrans Boulevard in the Sports Arena/Midway district.

Dog Beach/Boardwalk

There is a Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, and it looks like most of the beach scenes in Veronica Mars are shot there. Some other beach scenes also seem to take place at La Jolla Shores beach. Some of the Neptune Boardwalk scenes in the first two seasons were shot at Belmont Park in Mission Beach -- the Giant Dipper Rollercoaster is the giveaway.

Other Sightings

The video store in Season 1/Ep. 3 is Kensington Video on Adams Avenue in Kensington. Scolari's Office in North Park is Fitzpatrick's Bar. Winston's bar in Ocean Beach was used in Season 3/Ep. 1. 

In Case You Don't Know Who Veronica Mars Is...

Veronica Mars was a TV drama on the CW about a girl (Kristen Bell) who has gone through some trying times: her best friend was killed, her dad lost his job as the town sheriff, and her mother mysteriously ran out on the family. Now ostracized at her high school, Veronica copes with the drama of teen angst while helping her dad's private investigation agency in the seaside town of Neptune. A Kickstarter campaign resulted in a Veronica Mars movie being released in 2014.  

The show developed quite a devote following, and much of the info about the show's San Diego locations seen here can be attributed to the viewer's own "private investigations" and postings on the Internet.