Sample Thank You Emails for Employers to Send

How to Recognize an Employee's Contributions with a Thank You Note

Woman looking over a thank you note from her executive employer.
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A thank you email from a company executive is a significant form of positive recognition for an employee. This sample thank you email recognizes the employee for charitable contributions on behalf of the company.

This sample thank you email describes in detail that the executive attended the charitable event. As an attendee, he saw first hand the employee's charitable contributions. Here's a sample thank you email from a company executive.

The key to effective employee recognition and thank you emails from executives, beyond your fundamental thankfulness, is to reinforce behavior that you'd like to see the employee continue.

You can hand write this thank you letter on a note card or send it in an email. A formal address is unnecessary unless you write the thank you on company stationery.

Sample Thank You Note for Charitable Contributions


Dear Joyce,

Your effort on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club to engage our staff in a worthwhile charitable event is noteworthy. Your participation in the organization of the silent auction, the buffet appetizers, the cocktail hour, and locating speakers provided our company with significant positive press in the local community.

When my wife and I attended the event, several people thanked me for providing company resources to assist with the event. Your time and commitment stand out, but you also recruited 15 other staff members. Everywhere we went at the event, our staff was helping due to your recruiting and commitment to the charitable cause.

Our employees were parking cars, delivering and recording silent auction wins, greeting guests, running the coat check, and more. The company logo on their sweaters was a nice touch, too, as all attendees saw the level of support that we provided at the event due to your charitable contributions.

It feels good to know that your efforts set a fund raising record for the club. I wanted to take the time to tell you that we deeply appreciate your charitable contributions of time, energy, and talent to such a worthy cause on our behalf.

Thank you.


On Behalf of Your Exec Team

cc: Executive Team

Sample Email Thank You Note

This sample thank you note demonstrates that a thank you note does not need to be formal. A thank you note that recognizes an employee's contribution can be simple and meaningful. You can write a thank you note informally and still have a positive impact on an employee's morale and motivation.

This sample thank you note is for an employee who led a successful team effort on a project. The thank you note demonstrates several characteristics of effective feedback. It is timely, specific about the employee’s actions, and customized to fit the occasion.

Thank You Note for Team Leadership on a Project

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your outstanding job leading the web redesign project. The project met its goals and serves as an example for the company about how a project team can set goals, obtain support from the organization, and accomplish its stated goals and mission within the projected time frame.

At our wrap-up luncheon today, you recognized each member of your team in a thoughtful, deserving way.

I am certain that your team members feel rewarded and recognized. I was happy to add my voice to yours in praising the team’s effort.

You provided a lesson that all of us can learn from about how to make a team successful in our company. I’d like you to share your observations and thoughts at the upcoming monthly manager’s meeting. Please let me know if you can be prepared by then and if there is any way that I can help you present your key learnings and process.

Again, I am so happy with the contribution that you have made to our organization through your leadership of the web redesign team. I hope to make use of your leadership skills in the future.

Thank you.

Marilyn Smith for the Executive Team

cc: Executive Team

You can magnify a thank you when you specify exactly why you are thanking the employee. The approbation of senior company leaders is always a plus. Giving the employee an opportunity to share what he or she learned from the process with other employees provides you with the opportunity to magnify your team leader’s success and contribution.

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