Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Marketing Employee

Your Valued Marketing Employee Deserves a Recommendation Letter

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Sample Recommendation Letter to Use As a Guide

Need a sample to use as a guide when you write an employee reference letter? The reference letter template describes the basics of writing a recommendation for an employee. This sample reference letter provides an example.

When an employee has been valued and cherished by an employer, the reference letter you write should convey this sentiment to the potential new employer. If the employee is still with your organization, hopefully, you have conveyed their value to them. 

When Employees Deserve Recommendation Letters

Employees seek new jobs for many reasons. Your employee doesn't completely control a number of the reasons why he or she might leave your employ. In the past, companies have lost employees who chose to go back to grad school, got married and moved to the spouse's home state, moved because the spouse with a newly minted Ph.D. had taken a new job in another state, or to live closer to their ailing, aging parents. These are reasons that an employer like you can't control for why a valued employee leaves.

These individuals, if they have successfully worked for your company, deserve any help that you can give them to find employment at their new location. In fact, anything that you can do to help your valued employees find their next great opportunity is demonstrating kindness to them and marking you as an employer of choice. In this day of rapidly spreading information on social media, you can count on your kindness— or lack thereof—becoming a topic.

In other instances, excellent employees leave your company for an opportunity that you can't currently supply. They leave for a 10-20% increase in pay, to take on a management role, to learn a new programming language, to diversify industries, and for many other valid reasons. (In these cases, you need to discover what made the employee start looking in the first place especially if he or she never told you what they needed from you or were not receiving in your workplace.)

Find out more about providing reference and recommendation letters. Note also these general recommendations about responding to requests for reference checks.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Marketing Employee

Use this sample reference letter as a reference and format when you want to write your own reference letters. Download the marketing reference letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Screenshot of a sample letter of recommendation for a marketing employee
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Sample Reference Letter (Text Version)

Michael R. Cox
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Mr. Jonathan Lee
Green Garden Groceries
12876 Goodwill Rd.
Grand Rapids, MI 49765

Dear Mr. Lee,

Rebecca Jacobson reported to me at the Fisher Corporation from March, 2009-August, 2017. She was a marketing specialist who worked in most areas of our company's marketing department.

As a marketing generalist. Rebecca contributed to marketing communications by writing press releases for targeted media, helping to set up trade shows, and developing the product message and marketing materials to attract customers.

She also worked with social media, setting up and monitoring our accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media sites. In this capacity, Rebecca was our social media presence online. She responded to customer needs and built an ongoing conversation with customers and potential customers. She coordinated with other employees to meet customer needs.

I enjoyed working with Rebecca. She was eager to learn new areas of marketing and did an excellent job of expanding our marketing efforts to social media. Our Facebook reaches increased by thousands after she started our account. Rebecca was also an excellent writer with a creative approach to developing our marketing materials.

A team player, Rebecca worked well with her colleagues in marketing. As a specialist with her time divided across many responsibilities, she balanced competing needs with humor and professionalism.

She was adept at identifying media outlets and achieving press coverage for our products. Rebecca was known to return from trade shows with information on hundreds of potential customers for the sales department to contact for follow-up.

I recommend Rebecca for any position that will draw upon her skills and her proven record of contribution to marketing. She was a remarkable colleague and contributor.

Call me if you need additional information. I'd be happy to tell you more about Rebecca's achievements at Fisher Corporation.


Michael R. Cox

You may send the recommendation letter after it is reviewed by Human Resources who will place a copy in the employee's personnel file.