Questions for Employees to Use During Self-Evaluation

Employee answering questions during a self-evaluation survey

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Employee self-evaluations are recommended as part of your company's performance development planning process. These self-reported surveys are used to engage and involve employees in taking a close look at their performance.

Employee self-evaluations contribute to the effectiveness of the exchange between the employee and their manager during the performance development planning or performance appraisal meeting. They help the employee thoughtfully participate in the discussion rather than sitting and taking it all in while the manager talks.

Self-Evaluation as a Motivational Tool

In doing the preparation before the meeting, employees can spend time thinking about what they want to achieve and accomplish in their careers. They can consider factors such as the next job for which they'd like to prepare. They can tell the manager about the kinds of help they will need to achieve their goals.

Every employee needs to develop a career path that will allow them to create a fulfilling work life. The most engaged and motivated employees are ones who have a path that they can see themselves achieving and that makes them able to achieve their goals and dreams.

Take a look at the examples below and then choose some or all of these sample questions for the evaluations your employees do regarding their performance and career plans in your organization.

Self-Evaluation Questions

Please thoughtfully respond to the following questions for your self-evaluation. Plan to share your responses with your manager.

Questions About Job Components

Take some time to review your job description.

  • Identify any components of the job description that you no longer do or that now take additional time.
  • Describe any new goals, responsibilities, or added challenges you have taken on since your most recent performance evaluation. Identify those that require additional decision making, responsibility, accountability, or oversight of the work of other employees.
  • Identify what you like most about your current job.
  • Determine the components of your job that you would like to change or eliminate. Why?

Questions About Achievements

Since you have been working for the company, you should have achieved some of your planned goals. Think about them when you answer the following questions:

  • What are your most significant accomplishments and contributions since your most recent performance evaluation?
  • What accomplishment and achievements are you the proudest of since your last performance evaluation?
  • What goals do you wish you had accomplished since your last performance evaluation but did not?
  • What would have helped you to accomplish these goals?
  • In what other major projects and initiatives did you participate and contribute since your most recent performance evaluation?
  • What work are you performing that is outside the scope of your current job description?
  • What job-related goals would you like to accomplish during this evaluation period?
  • How can your supervisor help you to accomplish these job-related goals?
  • What additional support can this organization provide so that you are able to achieve these goals?

Questions About Professional Development

Our company values you, and we would like to know how you are feeling with the career path you see for yourself. Please think about how you feel in your current position when answering the following questions about your future:

  • What professional job or career growth goals do you hope to achieve within three years?
  • What resources and support can this organization provide so that you can accomplish this professional job or career growth goals?
  • What professional and personal goals will help you improve or develop your performance in your current job?
  • What additional support can this organization provide so that you can accomplish these goals?

When completed, please send copies of this self-evaluation to your supervisor and Human Resources prior to your performance evaluation meeting.