Sample Music Business Internship Resume

A Sample Resume for Pursuing a Career in the Music Business

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Most employers of college graduates in the music business look for hires who have some experience in the field, so it makes sense to secure an internship while in school or right after graduation. Creating an effective resume that showcases relevant skills and knowledge will be a critical step in landing a solid internship. 

Before starting to compose your resume, take an inventory of your skills and experiences from all aspects of your background, including academic projects, campus and community activities, jobs, internships, and independent pursuits. If you haven’t been active in the field, volunteer to help on campus with organizations like the radio station, campus concert and entertainment committees, or the music department.

Consider managing student bands, assisting in the campus recording studio, or covering the music scene for the campus newspaper. Emphasize social media marketing functions in these roles whenever possible, given how highly these skills are valued in the music industry. Consider creating a music-related blog and marketing it to all your friends.

For each description on your resume, start your phrase with a skill or action term. In the music industry,the following are common skill terms: promoted, organized, created, marketed, publicized, composed, orchestrated, managed, devised, pitched, negotiated, presented, planned, fund-raised, arranged, facilitated, and conducted.

Be sure to reference any situations where you were able to influence others to action, such as attracting an audience for an event, generating donations for a cause, recruiting volunteers to help with a project or to join a fraternity or sorority, selling a product or tickets, or attracting a following for an online media site. Whenever possible, show your achievements with numbers.

For example:

  • Sold 200 tickets for a coffee house concert.
  • Recruited 15 new members for a fraternity.
  • Increased advertising sales by 15%.

Include a skills section on your resume to highlight your technical skills in musical recording or performance, social media, marketing, and computers. Carefully proofread your document and consider having it reviewed by an adviser or someone with an eye for detail. If you need assistance, take advantage of your campus career office for help in creating your resume and cover letter.

Sample Music Business Internship Resume (Text Only)

John Horowitz

815 North Broadway
New York, NY 12001


Columbia University, New York, NY, May 20XX
Bachelor of Arts, Management and Business

Davis United World College Scholar
Major GPA 3.45, Cumulative GPA 3.27

United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), November 20XX
International Baccalaureate

Relevant Coursework

Statistics for Business, Management Information Systems and E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Business Strategy, Skidmore Saratoga Entrepreneurship Partnership, Business Law 1 & 2, Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships, Business Ethic and Society, Foundations of Business in the International Environment, Coaching and Teamwork Service Learning Experience

Relevant Experience

Intern / Trainee Producer, LaLa Productions, New York, NY, Summer 20XX

  • Engineered sessions; transcribed music; programmed drums; tracked and comped vocals; mixed sessions in Protools HD for Grammy Award-winning song writer and producer.

Developer, Virtual R & B, New York, NY, Summer 20XX

  • Created Do-It-Yourself version of The Virtual CD, drastically lowering administrative costs of serving new clients.
  • Upgraded Flash Application in ActionScript and developed application back-end in Jamroom Content Management System (PHP / MySQL).

Consultant, Developer, Sweet Inspirations, New York, NY, January 20XX

  • Devised and implemented social media marketing strategy for a local contemporary clothing boutique.
  • Developed platform-independent E-Commerce website on Drupal Content Management System.

Developer / Owner, WJBN, New York, NY, May 20XX

  • Created Joomla-based Social Network with features including micro-blogging, messaging, news, events, and viral invites. Grew membership to over 600 users.

Web / Graphics Designer, Methodist University Relations, Fayetteville, SC, February 20XX-August 20XX

  • Developed and designed all-college communications material; such as billboards, brochures, and websites.

Founder / Producer, John J Productions, New York, NY, January 20XX-August 20XX

  • Grew music production company into successful profit-generating enterprise - overseeing overall management functions including budgeting, operations, and promotions.

Technical Support Specialist, Horizon Computers, New York, NY, November 20XX-June 20XX

  • Administered budget and inventory; explored new markets; repaired computers and liaised with suppliers.
  • Increased business significantly within first 3 months.

Activities, Achievements & Student Leadership

  • Student Representative, SGA, Columbia University, New York, NY, September 20XX-May 20XX
  • Student-Affairs-Institutional Policy and Planning Committee, Columbia University
  • The Case-Ladd Task Force
  • Formulated all-college policies
  • Developed and designed SGA website, implemented Joomla CMS

Computer / Language Skills

MySQL, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Jamroom, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, In-Design, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic. Languages: English and siSwati