Sample Human Resources Letters

Useful Human Resources Letter Samples for Every Office

These sample Human Resources letters provide guidance for common letters that you encounter in business, management, and HR. The samples give you a template that you can use for guidance when you need to craft your own HR and business letters.

Use these letters to make job offers, thank rejected job candidates, resign from your job, review resume cover letters, say thank you, and provide effective employee recognition. These are sample HR letters that cover many of the contingencies you encounter in your HR practice.

The use of HR letters is an excellent opportunity to let employees know that you care. Any employee recognition, reward, or award is made more powerful and effective when it is accompanied by an HR letter that puts in writing the reason for the recognition. The impact of the recognition is significantly enhanced

They help you foster relationships with your candidates and colleagues. They help you find a new job or a qualified candidate for your company job opening. No end exists for the uses you can make of well-written, effective HR letters. Use the following samples to your best advantage.

Best Resume Cover Letter

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What's so special about this sample resume cover letter? The letter makes it easy for an employer to quickly see the candidate's qualifications. He has written the letter based on the employer's job posting and highlighted the appropriate, requested job skills, experience, and education.

The applicant does all of the work so that the prospective employer can easily see that she has the qualifications needed to effectively perform the job. This increases the likelihood of her invitation to an onsite interview.

Let this sample cover letter guide you to an effective cover letter of your own. If you're curious, this is what the employer found helpful and why this cover letter rocks.

Job Offer Letters

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Need a sample job offer letter for your candidate of choice? These sample letters will guide your job offers to employees during all of the phases of their careers: beginning, middle, and executive. They also provide guidance in making a sales job offer.

Usually, when you make a job offer, you and the candidate have already negotiated the details of the compensation package and any other work agreements. So, the job offer letter confirms your agreements in writing.

The most significant variation on the approach used in these sample job offer letters is an offer to a high-level, senior management candidate. These candidates are more likely to receive a detailed, carefully negotiated contract.

Candidate Rejection Letters

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Sending a candidate rejection letter to the applicants who were not selected for the job is an extra, but positive step, your company can take.

If you want to build goodwill with candidates, attract potential superior employees, and establish yourself as an employer of choice, you will communicate with candidates at each step during your selection process.

A candidate rejection letter may momentarily make the candidate sad, but it's better for both the employer and the candidate to share official notification. Plus, you can indicate whether you have an ongoing interest in the prospective employee despite the fact that you had a more qualified candidate for the current open position.

How to Welcome a New Employee with Sample Letters

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Your welcome to a new employee doesn't stop at assigning a desk and office. A mentor or buddy, introductions to coworkers, and new employee orientation are all a part of the picture.

But, your new employee's welcome starts with a letter that you send to the new employee. It cements your relationship and makes the employee happy that he or she came on board.​

And, it provides needed information that the new employee needs to start the job. See sample new employee welcome letters to see the many ways you can use a letter to welcome your new employee.

Sample Employee Recognition Letters

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Need some guidance about writing effective employee recognition letters? These recognition letters give you examples of both formal and informal employee recognition—there is an appropriate recognition letter for any occasion.

A letter magnifies the recognition that an employee experiences when offered praise or a heartfelt thank you. In an employee's eyes, a recognition letter is an appreciated, effective way for a manager or coworker to say thank you.

Employees save these letters forever and experience a renewed glow with ​each re-reading. When they pin the letter to their cubicle, they experience the congratulations of their coworkers, too. Isn't that—happy employees and coworkers—what you want to create?

Thank You Letters Samples for the Workplace

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In addition to employee recognition letters that often thank an employee at the same time as they recognize an employee's contribution, you also have the opportunity to write thank-you notes.

Need to thank a coworker or boss for their help and consideration? These samples thank you letters provide guides for the letters that you may want to write. Make gratitude an everyday happening that permeates your work culture and encourages more shared gratitude.

Sample Letters of Reprimand

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Do you need to get an employee's attention to reinforce the fact that he or she is not performing at the expected level of needed contribution?

Following your appropriate coaching at employee performance meetings, it is time to make sure that you have the employee's attention. You can do this with increasingly serious letters of reprimand.

You may want to make your coaching and feedback more formal and official by using a letter of reprimand. Here are several samples that you can use for guidance as you write your own letter of reprimand. 

Sample Resignation Letters

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Are you ready to resign from your job? Resign professionally and don't burn any bridges when you write your resignation letter.

This variety of sample resignation letters gives you examples that you can use as you write your own letter. When you want to give your two week's notice.

Resign politely, properly, and professionally, by using these sample resignation letters as your guide.

Sample Termination Letters

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You don't always want to put in writing why an employee's job was terminated. But, when you do, you'll want to provide a letter like these sample termination letters to the fired employee.

Letters ensure consistent stories from HR staff and managers. They ensure that the employee actually heard what you said to him or her. The termination letter signals the end of the employment relationship. See the samples.