Saints Row Xbox 360 Cheat Codes

Gain full health, spawn objects, and earn easy money on the Xbox 360

Saints Row is an action-adventure video game for the Xbox 360. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto series of games, players race around a virtual city starting fights with gangs and the police using a combination of hand-to-hand combat, melee weapons, firearms, and explosives. Also like GTA, there are tons of cheat codes for Saints Row that make the game even more exhilarating.

Game screenshot of Saints Row: The Third
Joshua Livingston/Flickr/CC 2.0

These cheats apply to Saints Row for Xbox 360. The mobile version of Saints Row lacks features found in the console version including cheat codes.

How to Use Saints Row Cheat Codes on Xbox 360

To enter a cheat, pause the game. Then, access your phone, select Dial, enter the appropriate code, and tap Call. Special characters (such as [ ( , ) ]) are entered automatically. For codes with letters, you'll find the letters above each number. Tap the number that corresponds to the letter you need.

The game recognizes codes beginning with a pound sign (#) as cheats and deactivates achievement points when you use them. 

General Saints Row Cheat Codes

Cheats take effect after you enter the corresponding code.

Code Cheat
911 Call an ambulance (restores health).
#10 Summon random lightning strikes.
#11111 Set time to midnight.
#11112 Set time to noon.
#3845227 Make cars deliberately try to kill you.
#47246 Summon heavy rain.
#57246 Summon light rain.
#62278 Make the sky overcast.
#662677 Temporarily remove police notoriety.
#66639 Get $1,000 instantly.
#67248 Summon medium rain.
#72436557 Enable ragdoll effect without the insurance fraud activity.
#AMMO Infinite ammo
#BEERMUSCLES Drunk punches
#FBI Spawn FBI.
#fullhealth Full health
#nocops No cop notoriety.
#nogangs No gang notoriety.
#SPRINT Infinite sprint
#sunny Clear skies

Saints Row Vehicle and Weapon Cheat Codes

Vehicles and some other items appear in your garage after you enter the code.

Code Cheat
#12Gauge 12 Gauge
#22766 Baron
#277429 Capshaw
#262852623 Ambulance
#2668534427 Bootlegger
#267667 Cosmos
#268 Ant
#27409863 Ar-40 Xtnd Rifle
#2855364 Bulldog
#3373352623 Fer De Lance
#3378469 Destiny
#32830 Five-O
#42637867 GameStop T-shirt
#42664225 Hannibal
#5225722248 Jackrabbit
#52383792 La Fuerza
#566636 Komodo
#5878423 Justice
#635766 Nelson
#66254642473 Mockingbird
#66732374 Nordberg
#67498 NRG V8
#7288537 Rattler
#732737 Reaper
#74262438 Ricochet
#746486 Shogun
#78682 Quota
#8277489 Varsity
#843562 The Job (limo)
#8294 Thorogood
#84826 Titan
#867839 Vortex
#87935 Voxel
#882727 Tuasar
#936484 Zenith
#94667 Zimos
#947266 Zircon
#Anchor Anchor (news van)
#AS12Riot AS12 Riot
#BaseBall Baseball bat
#BETSY Betsy
#CAVALLARO Cavallaro
#Compton Compton
#GDHC50 GDHC .50
#Grenade Hand Grenade
#Gunslinger Gunslinger
#HALBERD Halberd
#Hammerhead Hammerhead
#hollywood Hollywood
#K6Krukov K6Krukov
#KEYSTONE Keystone
#Knife Knife
#Macmanus McManus sniper rifle
#mag Mag
#Molotov Molotov Cocktail
#Newman Newman (mail truck)
#Nightstick Nightstick
#NR4 NR4
#pimpcane Pimpcane shotgun
#Pipebomb Pipe Bomb
#Quasar Quasar
#Rocket RPG Launcher
#Shepherd .44 Shepherd
#T3KUrban T3K Urban
#TAXI Taxi
#Tombstone Tombstone
#Vice9 Vice 9

Saints Row Phone Numbers List

Call the following phone numbers to connect with the specified service.

Code Cheat
(555) 018-0174 Eagleline Yellow (taxi service)
(555) 455 8008 TNA Taxi
(555) 819 8415 Big Willys Cab
1-555-ITS-OVER Suicide Hotline
555-2046 Foreign Power (fast food)
555-2564 On Thin Ice
555-2626 Stocks
555-3248 Impressions Clothing
555-3493 Rim Jobs
555-3765 Brown Baggers
555-3863 Lik-a-Chick
555-4247 Do It Up Hair Salon
555-455-8008 TNA Taxi Service
555-5926 On The Rag Clothing
555-5966 Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555-6238 The Dead Cow
555-6328 Freckle Bitch's Phone Number
555-7296 On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555-9467 Legal Lee's
555-9473 Grounds for Divorce
555-9866 Tee'N'Ay Gentlemen's Club
555-MART Crash Landing
5552445 Chicken Ned

Saint Rows Vehicle Glitch

To quickly jump into a car and not waste time going through the door, jump on top of the car and press to teleport into the driver's seat.

Saints Row Building Glitch

To easily get on top of really tall buildings:

  1. Drive a police car into a building so that you end up with the side of the car against the side of the building.

  2. Drive the car forward and up to climb the building.

  3. When you reach the top and the car begins to lean forward, get out onto the top of the building.

Saints Row Achievements

Unlock achievements and GamerScore points by completing various challenges.

Achievement Requirement
Colombian Made Take over Los Carnales territory. (40 points)
Regicide Take over Vice Kings territory. (40 points)
Road Warrior Take over Westside Rollerz territory. (40 points)
Ruler of Stilwater Help the 3rd Streets Saints take over Stilwater. (160 points)
Thug Reach a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any multiplayer mode. (10 points)
Killa Reach a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any multiplayer mode. (20 points)
Gangsta Reach a TrueSkill rank of Gangster in any multiplayer mode. (40 points)
Kingpin Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any multiplayer mode. (80 points)
Penny Pincher Earn $1 million in the city of Stilwater. (10 points)
Grifter Earn $200,000 in insurance fraud. (10 points)
Shopaholic Acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for your single player wardrobe. (10 points)
Coupon Clipper Purchase 100 clothing and jewelry items for your multiplayer wardrobe. (10 points)
Leader of the Pack Acquire all seven homies. (10 points)
Getting Up Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater. (10 points)
Grease Monkey Own 50 cars. (10 points)
Racket Lord Complete all activities in Stilwater. (160 points)
Contract Killer Complete all of the Hitman locations. (10 points)
Demo Demon Complete all levels of Demolition Derby. (10 points)
Fast and Furious Complete all of the Hijacking locations and levels. (10 points)
Fluffer Complete all of the Escort locations and levels. (10 points)
Pimp Complete all the Snatch locations and levels. (10 points)
Pusher Complete all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels. (10 points)
Scavenger Complete all of the Chop Shop locations. (10 points)
Tuner Complete all of the Racing locations and levels. (10 points)
Vandal Complete all of the Mayhem locations and levels. (10 points)
Bulletproof Complete co-op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty. (10 points)
Errand Boy Complete co-op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty. (10 points)
Canonized Join the 3rd Street Saints. (10 points)
Reclamationist Retake Saints Row. (10 points)
Air Traffic Controller Destroy 50 helicopters. (10 points)
Audiophile Collect all 60 hidden CDs. (10 points)
Dominator Win 10 ranked matches in a row. (10 points)
Jump the Shark Withdraw a total of $200,000 from the loan office. (10 points)
Negotiator Take 50 hostages. (10 points)
Professional Thief Steal 30 boxes and deliver them successfully. (10 points)
Stilwater PD Award Kill 50 Stilwater residents with only melee attacks. (10 points)
Addicted to tha row Play Saints Row for 20 hours. (20 points)
Chain Gang Drop off a total of 500 chainsaws in the Big *** Chains multiplayer mode in ranked matches. (20 points)
Clocktower Camper Head shot and kill a total of 100 enemies with a sniper rifle in ranked matches. (20 points)
Marathon Runner Travel 26.2 miles on foot. (20 points)
Pimps Down Kill the Pimp in Protect the Pimp 50 times in ranked matches. (20 points)
Tourist Drive 500 miles in the city of Stilwater. (20 points)
Xzibitionist Get your team car to level 4 in the Blinged Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked matches. (20 points)

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