Sagittarius in Love: Zodiac Compatibility

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Sagittarius charms the pants off the multitudes and has a light touch in love.  

But being a sign of paradox, the Archer is serious when he senses he's over the target.  

The Archer likes for moments to reach peaks, and one of those is reaching a serious declaration.  That's when he shines and inspires, and expects any potential lover to be wowed by his brilliance.  Sagittarius, like its polar counterpart Gemini, is an intellectual sign, with insights that flame out in a way that makes them more like proclamations.  

it's important for Sagittarius to be with someone that listens to what they have to say, as the Town Crier with a sweeping message.  And he will be bored if he's expected to go through some kind of dating protocol.  If you're more traditional that way, he may try to liberate you, by flirting with you to rouse your wild spirit.  

The Opportunist 

To fascinate a Sagittarius, you'll want to be an animated talker with inspired things to say.  Your new Sagittarius friend shows her sunny side at first and puts you at ease.  The Archer puts others at ease since they are so curious and open to people of all stripes.   

If a Sagittarius is super friendly towards you, it doesn't mean they like that way.  And I wonder how many have fallen for the Archer, only to realize they're friendly like that to everyone.  

One thing this fire sign enjoys is a mystery, along with the new terrain to explore via relationships.  Their restless seeking nature has them craving an object of affection that's unusual in some way.  They prefer puzzling personae to those that are more "what you see is what you get."  

Looks are important to Sagittarius since they're so physical.  But they may surprise their friends by going for someone with an unconventionally striking appeal.  They like challenges and can be attracted to lovers of other cultures, that will open up a world for them to explore.  

Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Zodiac Signs 


Archers are movers, and first dates can feel like boot camp, for less hearty souls.  If you're feeling like a Special Olympian, it's likely that you'll find it hard to keep up with your new Sagittarius friend.    

It's been said that Sagittarius comes in two varieties -- the athlete and the academic.  

Both move restlessly over new terrain with great strides and swiftly.  If this exhilarates you, too, then you will enjoy the challenge of going the distance.  If you try to fake it, till you make it, you'll put yourself through a needless ordeal.  Not everyone is designed to be Speedy Gonzales.    

It's also key, to be frank, because they like those that mean what they say.  If they sense you're being subversive or playing a power game, they'll zoom quickly away.

There's always a sense with Sagittarius of being oriented toward a mark on the horizon, and they are happier when they have future goals that keep them breathlessly excited.  

And they'll admire you, for your own aspirations and how you move toward them.

Lucky in Love 

Sagittarius is turned off by excuses, and by those that continually play the victim.  Being optimists by nature, they don't want to be around negative people and don't indulge in shame spirals (though there are exceptions, depending on the whole chart).  

The Archer is inspired by jovial ideas, being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of faith in a higher plan or purpose.  There has to be a sense of destiny to the connection, that has astounding synchronicity to back it up.  

When it comes to intimacy, Sagittarius is known for being uninhibited, and very physical.  Like other fire signs, there's likely more passion than sensuality, in its expression.