Sagittarius First Dates Tips

Adventurous Sagittarius

Supoj Buranaprapapong / Getty Images

Sagittarians like to be in motion so fun first dates for them are active.

This gives you an idea of whether you can keep up with their fast pace. The Archer is very physical, and some are even athletes. 

Sagittarius guys and gals like to be challenged with endurance type tests. Keep this in mind, since their idea of fun might be more than you can physically handle. It's good to know that upfront since it might suggest a mismatch right there.

The restless Sagittarius may want to change plans suddenly. This is hard on those that like a sense of how the date will go. Doing things on the fly is the way Sadge likes it.

One suggestion is having one activity to start with and leaving the rest open. If you're too rigid about plans, this can irritate the Archer.

Bright Eyed and Carefree

Sagittarius embodies the spirit in motion that defines the fire signs and his or her personality is also changeable and in motion. This makes getting to know them tricky at first since they're quick and aloof, and very non-committal. 

The Sagittarius is friendly and has a social curiosity that makes them seem possibly more interested in you than they are in them. Don't jump to conclusions as Sagittarians have quirky tastes that show a lot of variety. 

If they are interested, they'll let you know by asking you out on more dates. You stand a chance by being interesting, spontaneous, but also a bit of a mystery. 

Open to Life

Some Sagittarians are explorers, some are athletes, others are knowledge seekers—all are travelers. If you're open to learning and having adventures, that goes far with Sagittarius. They want to have a traveling companion, with whom they can share what they've discovered.

On first dates, Sagittarius will show curiosity to know what "moves" you. What are your passions, and what experiences have you had that have changed you? The Archer is oriented toward the color of variety. Things like travel, exotic cuisine, world art traditions, and crafts appeal to the questing Sadge.

The Archer is the mutable fire sign—the one that changes constantly. You turn them off if you're stagnant, cynical, and negative. You pique their interest if you're in love with what you do, always learning and able to look on the bright side. 


The bright Sagittarius loves to share what he or she knows. Often, the knowledge has come from first-hand experience—travels, testing of limits, or hands-on studies. It's important to be lively of mind and to keep the currents moving. The Archer is turned off by conversation that never soars. 

Open minds and hearts are attractive to the mutable Sagittarius. The lightness of this sign comes from an instinct to stay free. This allows them to roam places on Earth as a traveler, as well as covering vast terrain of new knowledge.

By all means, share your latest thread of fascination. Where has your curious mind taken you? What did you observe and sample on your journey? You'll delight the Archer with tales of adventure and the meaning you drew from them.

Open to Sex Play

Sagittarians bring their lust for life into the bedroom. They're enthusiastic lovers that don't always see emotional strings attached to what they're doing. This can set off alarms for more sensitive types who don't trust that there's depth of emotion behind it.

The Archer can be passionately present in the moment, and when the time is right many are up for enduring love. But for some, it may just be a physical act that's pleasurable and not signify any deepening of the relationship.

In physical relations, the Archer can take a questing attitude to sex that makes them restless for variety. They'll be bored by routine or passivity in the bedroom.

Turn Ons With Sagittarius:

  • Do keep it positive, light, upbeat. Sagittarius' ruler is Jupiter, the planet of luck and jovial relations.
  • Do dress colorfully.
  • Do show physical vitality.
  • Do show generosity toward wait staff.
  • Do look for the funny angle of any situation.
  • Do show your sense of adventure.
  • Do be frank and honest.
  • Do show curiosity.

Turn Offs With Sagittarius:

  • Don't try to curb their enthusiasm.
  • Don't hate them because they're so positive.
  • Don't be moody or negative.
  • Don't complain that you're tired and not used to all this physical activity.
  • Don't be a killjoy.
  • Don't be closed to spontaneous plans.
  • Don't think of all the things that could go wrong.
  • Don't have a closed mind.