Sagittarius With Aquarius: Their Love Compatibility

A Quirky, Emotional, Free-Spirited Pair That Takes Risks

John Lund / Getty Images

Sagittarius and Aquarius are a quirky, experimental pair that takes risks at the edge.

Ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Uranus (Aquarius), both are seers and creators with a knack for being at the head of the curve. They share a love of experimentation and spontaneity—oh, the places you'll go!

On first dates, there's a light, friendly atmosphere. Both are I signs of the Zodiac, and this can be the basis for an enduring affair.

Sagittarius in love is restless, freedom-loving, and adventurous. Aquarius in love is solitary and an extrovert, as well as full of shocks and surprises.

Sagittarius and Aquarius in Love

For the Sagittarius and the Aquarius, there's so much to learn and experience, and the relationship between them is almost always off to an adventurous start. A shared love of travel, exotic cuisines, and cutting-edge culture keeps this couple on the go. Both get swept up in ideas and visions, and there's always more out there to ponder and discuss.

They're free to venture out of bounds in conversation because neither will judge. The sparks for this romance often begin in the mind and the mental rapport they create.

Cool Versus Fired Up

While Aquarius can be cool and glamorous, the Archer gets fired up and is more physical. Sadge gets Aquarius lovers moving and helps them be in the moment of pure, uncomplicated fun. Both are experimental in the bedroom, where things never fall into a routine.

Sagittarius brings athletic endurance, and Aquarius introduces surprises to the mix. Of the two, Aquarius is more likely to have a conceptual approach to sex, with ideas for games or scenarios.

Sagittarius brings an uninhibited sense of play, a gymnastic ability, and the willingness to try anything once. They may even invite other lovers in to join them or look at the possibility of an open relationship. With an open door, both feel more at home, even if they never intend to roam.

Pros and Cons

In a relationship, their evolving natures keep things loose and fresh. There's plenty of space, which both people need, but it can also feel too casual for the long haul. Each has a built-in loyalty to personal evolution, along with an extroverted personality. This can cause them to stray outside the relationship in search of new experiences.

They'll need to put their innovative minds to the notion of commitment and come up with a model that works for them. There may be something unusual about their relationship that makes it seem progressive, such as being bicoastal, bisexual, or open.

As a couple, they're social and throw great parties. They meld together two networks of people, enlarging their own sphere ever wider. Their compassion and sense of justice might lead them to fight for movements or causes. To be sure, they're up on the latest trends, often on a global scale. Their home decor could be eclectic, including such items as a colorful collection of souvenirs from their travels.

Emotional, With Eyes on the Horizon

Both have eyes fixed on the horizon and generally share an optimistic outlook. Aquarius is a fixed sign, with more sustained mental focus, which can rub off on Sagittarius in a positive way. The quick-changing, bright Sagittarius gets great feedback from the Waterbearer about bringing great ideas to fruition. Aquarius tends to see connections that others don't, which will widen the Sadge's horizons even further.

If they break up, there's a chance of remaining friends. And if they stay together, it'll no doubt be one exciting, soul-enriching journey.

Upside: Drawn to the fringe and the far-afield, expansive conversations, spontaneous, experimental creatively and sexually, humanitarian, dot connectors, freedom lovers, global citizens, accepting of a wide spectrum, champions for the underdog, uninhibited, truth tellers.

Downside: Stubborn with opinions; too loose and uncommitted; emotionally cut off; impersonal; restless and reckless; in love with an abstract ideal, not reality.

Quality and Element: Mutablefire and ​fixed ​​air