Our Favorite Blush Metal Bling—Because Rose Gold Jewelry Is Still Trending

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Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses has taken on a more literal—and stylish—meaning as of late. Not only has rose gold become the metal of choice for spring and summer jewelry—not to mention some engagement rings and wedding bands, too—but it has also made its way into the home, with blush-colored furniture and fixtures decorating living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms galore. Even salons—hair and nail—have jumped on the rose gold bandwagon. 

So what is it that makes this rosy hue the most coveted shade of gold? Perhaps it could be its inviting, warm glow, or maybe the ease in which it complements other color palettes. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that this ubiquitous trend is going away anytime soon. So to help you decide whether rose gold jewelry is right for you, we've dug up everything there is to know about this precious metal, from where it comes from to how it has evolved in jewelry over time.

Keep reading for a crash course in rose gold and get ready to feast your eyes on some serious blush metal bling.

What Is Rose Gold, Exactly?

If you go mining for rose gold, you're bound to come back empty-handed. That's because rose gold does not exist in nature. It gets its color when you mix pure gold with mostly copper alloys and a small amount of silver. A typical formula for an 18k piece might look something like 75 percent gold, 21 percent copper, 4 percent silver. Essentially, the more copper in the mix, the redder the jewelry appears; the less copper, the pinker.

Due to rose gold's high copper content, you might notice your jewelry getting darker and less rosy over time. This is normal, so not to worry. To get your gold jewelry back into tip-top, and most importantly, shiny shape, soak it in warm, soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then scrub with a soft brush, rinse, and dry. Finish off by lightly buffing with a polishing cloth (FYI: If your cloth becomes black, don't be grossed out, this means unwanted tarnish is being removed, which is what you want). If you're dealing with antique rose gold, be careful during the cleaning process since polishing off the patina—which could take over 100 years to form in some cases—could devalue your jewelry.

Trends Throughout History 

Rose gold jewelry is anything but new, and yet, we still can't get enough. This blush metal has been making trending lists since 2014, but it has been around long before then—we're talking the mid-19th century, people. Famed Russian jeweler Carl Fabergé (alias: "the fancy egg guy") began incorporating rose gold, originally known as Russian gold, into his designs. It wasn't until the late-19th century when Victorian England and the rest of the world got their hands on the alloy that it became known by the name which it goes by today.

At the beginning of the 20th-century, rose gold took a backseat to luxurious platinum and white gold. But when platinum was banned for all non-military purposes and declared a strategic metal during WWII, well, you guessed it: rose gold became popular again. Jewelry during this post-war period favored heavy, showy, asymmetrical designs. Basically, the more diamonds and rubies, the better. Today you can find this retro style in some statement pieces, but the dominant trend leans heavily toward minimalist. More on that below.


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Moonstone Studs

Raw moonstone rose gold stud earrings

Moon Magic

Adding more rose gold into your jewelry collection is simple. These raw moonstone and rose gold stud earrings from Moon Magic will stand out on their own or pair nicely with a curation of cool-girl piercings, regardless of their metal or style. ICYMI: Not being able to mix metals is a myth! So find jewelry pieces that suit your taste, and chances are they will complement any silver and/or yellow gold jewelry you might already own.

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Ring Stacks

Creating a personalized ring stack or curated hand is fun—and economical. Wearing varying minimalist bands in different thicknesses and motifs can actually be less expensive than one statement ring with a larger gemstone. Vanrycke Paris shows us how it's done with this stunningly beautiful display of a different ring for every finger.

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Laurier Leaf Cuff

Majolie rose gold leaf bracelet


This rose gold leaf wrap bracelet from Majolie will add sophistication to any occasion. And while this piece works well on its own, it can also be layered with other bracelets. We recommend pairing with a simple tennis bracelet and a slightly thicker bangle with this wrap bracelet worn furthest away from your hand. Think of it as jewelry feng shui.

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Stacked Choker Chain

Black-owned brand Omni Woods prides itself on being fair trade and ethically sourcing all of its jewelry. Supporting this brand will not only make you feel good but will also have you looking super stylish. Here, the '90s choker trend gets a modern-day makeover with this stacked pendant necklace. The varying chain lengths pair perfectly while the dangling Ankh charm will make you feel like Egyptian royalty.

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Rose gold jewelry and accessories on trend


This watch from Olivia Burton may not track how many steps you take in a day, but honestly, who cares? Inspired by catwalks in England, this vintage-inspired rose gold timepiece makes a coppery impact, proving that pretty jewelry doesn't have to cost a pretty penny. If you want to layer your watch, try wearing a bracelet closest to your hand with the watch placed above it.  

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Triple Hoops

Why wear one hoop when you can wear three? These gorgeous triple hoop earrings by Pdpaola provide a refreshing take on a classic look. The brand's mission of encouraging authentic self-expression is realized in these bold and empowering earrings. For added impact, consider pairing them with a climber piece. 

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Australian Opal Designer Ring

Rose Gold Designer Ring
Wesley Harris

There's no doubt that dainty, minimalist jewelry is in; however, that's not to say that there aren't plenty of designers taking creative license with statement pieces. This opal ring by Wesley Harris shines in 14k rose gold, and in our humble opinion, just wouldn't be as crisp in any other metal. For more gemstone options, choose soft pink and purple-toned (amethyst, morganite, and kunzite, to name a few) since they'll work well to complement rose gold and even help to bring out your natural glow.

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Starburst Charm Necklace

Celestial jewelry has become a favorite among astrology enthusiasts and the haut monde alike. LA-based, handmade fine jewelry line Luna Skye even has an entire collection dedicated to constellations, our favorite being this lovely starburst pendant. Rose gold offers a beautiful canvas for the engraved designs and bedazzlements to stand out.

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Ear Pin With Floating Pearl

Rose gold ear pin with floating pearl

Kate Kim

Looking for a unique jewelry piece to add to your collection? Then consider an ear pin. Hook over the top of your ear, through your pierced lobe, and then wait for heads to turn. Kat Kim's handmade pieces favor simple, clean designs with a flair of whimsy. Featuring everything from lightning bolts to this floating pearl, her collection of ear pins is edgy meets elegant. It's no wonder celebs like RiRi and Gemma Chan are fans.

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Antique Wedding Band

Maria Tash may be renowned for her innovative body piercings, but she also happens to create a luxurious line of fine jewelry. If you've been meaning to add some rose gold with character and history to your jewelry collection, then look no further than this exquisite finger ring. The cigar band with detailed engraving brings an antique look into the 21st-century.

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Disc Bracelet

Rose Gold Vermeil Disc Bracelet

The Mindful Company

Sometimes we don't have time to put on multiple bracelets and cuffs to create a comprehensive wrist look before we head out the door. This rose gold disc bracelet from The Mindful Company is simple enough to wear every day but also stylish enough to garner compliments from both friends and strangers. You also have the option of engraving its disc with an initial or number, or what we like to call custom flair.

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Antique Amethyst Butterfly Conversion Necklace

If you've ever shopped for antique jewelry then the term "conversion jewelry" may sound familiar. As the name suggests, it's when you take an existing piece of jewelry and repurpose it. This statement amethyst and pearl butterfly pendant, for instance, was originally a brooch dating back to the Victorian era. It's timeless, unique, and now, totally wearable.