7 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

A chilly winter filled with holiday magic and cheer proves that it’s never too cold for romance. In fact, there are many exciting and romantic date ideas that are perfect for the winter months and are bound to turn up the heat with your partner. Remember—romance is always in season! 

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Go to a cozy coffee shop.

Couple in a coffee shop.

When it’s cold outside, there’s no better time to meet your date over a cup of warm goodness. And not only can you and your date have an intimate conversation away from the craziness of a bar or crowded restaurant, the holiday season offers so many delicious winter-inspired coffee and tea drinks that are sure to bring a smile to both of your faces. And if you want to smile even more, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the sweets offered at the coffee shop as well. Enjoying something sweet with someone who could be your sweetie is always romantic. 

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Go to a tasting.

If you’re looking for a winter date idea that’s educational as well as romantic, heading to a local tasting is nothing to "wine" about. In fact, there are many different restaurants, bars and liquor stores that host wine, tequila, and whiskey tasting events. It may surprise you to learn that you can also attend tastings for other foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee, cheese, chocolate and even olive oil. And don’t hesitate to take turns feeding each other! If you’re looking to create a unique experience that’s special and romantic for you and your partner, this type of date won’t disappoint. Plus, you may both find your new favorite drink, food or oil!

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Go to an intimate restaurant.

Along these lines, if you’re looking for a romantic winter date idea that’ll have you and your partner overjoyed (and possibly overstuffed), head to an intimate restaurant for dinner. Not only will the dim lighting and candles help to create the romantic ambiance that you’re seeking, but this creates the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to dress up and add a touch of elegance to your typical meals together. 

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Go to a spa.

Speaking of indulging yourself, if you’re searching for a romantic winter date idea that’s full of pampering, going to a spa is always a great option. From mud baths, body wraps and facials to couples massages, this romantic, refreshing and relaxing date idea will leave you and your partner feeling your very best. So if you’re looking for a date idea that’ll provide you and your partner with the top treatment, a spa date is the perfect solution.   

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Go ice skating.

If you’re looking for a romantic winter date idea that’s bound to bring you and your partner closer together, heading to an outdoor ice skating rink is a fun way to enjoy the holiday season. And while you may need your coat, hat, scarf, and gloves as you skate around the rink together, holding hands with your partner shouldn’t be optional. In fact, holding your partner’s hand always adds a romantic touch (so to speak). 

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Go on a winter walk.

And speaking of hand-holding, another romantic winter date idea is to take a stroll with your partner. After all, many parks and other outdoor locals are beautifully decorated for the holiday season, and going on a walk together enables you to talk in a relaxed setting while enjoying the scenery around you. Plus, depending upon the weather, don’t hesitate to build a snowman or engage in a friendly snowball fight! And whether you have an end destination in mind, such as a coffeehouse, restaurant, bar or frozen yogurt shop (if you’re really bold), spending time with your partner when you’re all bundled up can help you up your connection with one another as well. 

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Stay in with a twist.

There are times when staying in with your partner can be extremely romantic, especially when the weather is less than ideal outside. In fact, there are many different at-home date ideas that are bound to turn up the heat with your partner, such as cooking together, creating an at-home spa and simply cuddling up on the couch together with popcorn and a movie. Plus, if you really want to add some winter cheer to your romantic night in, making s’mores together (in a fireplace or with a kit), making hot chocolate from scratch and even building a gingerbread house together are fun ways to stay close when the weather isn’t close to warm.