Romantic Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Fun, Cute and Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

Everyone wants something a bit naughty and nice in their stockings from their partner - but how about romantic, too? With that in mind, here are some great, inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas to create more romance in your relationship.

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Instant Snow

Instant Snow - Romantic Gift Ideas
Instant Snow - Romantic Gift Ideas. ThinkGeek

For the romantic who can't accept that the holidays are here without snow on the ground (no matter where you live), give them a can of the white stuff with this inventive yet romantic stocking stuffer from ThinkGeek. Best of all, its both reusable and nontoxic.

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I Love You Bean

I Love You Bean Gift - Romantic Stocking Stuffers
I Love You Bean Gift.

All your love needs to grow is some sunlight, water and tenderness, right? Well the same goes for this adorable I Love You Bean stocking stuffer, which will delight, surprise and probably make them groan (just a bit) when they see the bean sprouting with an "I Love You" imprinted on its side.

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Wood Solitaire Game

Romantic Stocking Stuffer - Solitaire Game
Romantic Stocking Stuffer - Solitaire Game. NOVICA

Give your love a beautifully handcrafted solitaire game, one that can be easily played anywhere. Or, try a portable backgammon set or chess board so you can play together.

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Teas for Two

IngenuiTEA - Cheap Gifts
IngenuiTEA - Cheap Gifts. Adagio Teas

Almost big enough to fill the entire stocking by itself, this tea set is a lovely romantic stocking stuffer that the two of you can enjoy together for months, if not years, to come. Includes an IngenuiTEA pot, four sample teas, and a Guide to Tea book, all for less than $20.

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Heart Handwarmer

Heart Handwarmer - Romantic Stocking Stuffers
Heart Handwarmer - Romantic Stocking Stuffers. ThinkGeek

Use this nifty newfangled heart-encased hand warmer for very quick results minus the need for a microwave. The metal disk inside, when flexed, warms the red gel for a toasty treat in minutes. Once the warmth has worn off though, you'll need to boil it for 15-20 minutes to get the disc working properly again, but then it's ready and raring to go, whenever you or you partner are. Or, more things to keep your sweetie warm:

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Magazine Subscription

Magazines. Slavomir Ulicny

How is a magazine subscription romantic, you ask? Think about it: every single time your sweetie receives their monthly gift in the mail, they'll be thinking of you. Plus, if you take advantage of one of the $10 or less gift subscriptions (Buy Direct), you'll get a gift tag to throw in their stocking.

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Hand Massager

Hand Massager - Romantic Stocking Stuffer
Hand Massager - Romantic Stocking Stuffer. Gardeners Supply

If your partner uses their hands for work (mechanic, types at a computer all day), this inexpensive stocking stuffer will pamper their tender fingers in mere moments. A loving, thoughtful gift.

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Reflexology DVD

Romantic Stocking Stuffers - Reflexology DVD
Romantic Stocking Stuffers - Reflexology DVD. Gaiam

Giving someone a DVD with a massage technique expertly explained within is a definite sign -- that the person giving the item would like a massage, in turn. Change the gift into something a bit more romantic by watching the film together, while placing one another's feet in the other person's lap -- so you can learn and practice, together. Sounds like bliss to me.

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USB Aromatherapy Romantic

USB Aromatherapy Burner - Romantic Stocking Stuffer
USB Aromatherapy Burner.

Instead of buying your love some flowers, why not get them something heavenly smelling that will last a lot longer? This aromatherapy burner plugs into any USB port (preferably one that is horizontal) and as long as you put a drop of aromatherapy oil on the "X", you'll soon be smelling sweetly. Simple, effective and great to use both at home or at work if their workplace isn't scent-free.

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Love of My Life

Love Of My Life Wood Sculpture - Romantic Stocking Stuffer
Love Of My Life Wood Sculpture - Romantic Stocking Stuffer. NOVICA

A beautiful yet simple wood carving of two figures united in love, sharing one heart. Handcarved by Bali's Nyoman Karsa. Make sure to order this one early if you can, because it ships from Indonesia and not North America. Not the most inexpensive stocking stuffer, but one sure to be remembered.