Essential Romantic Salsa Hits for Lovers

Eddie Santiago
Eddie Santiago.

Back in the 1980s, Salsa music experienced a significant transformation. All of the sudden, the sounds that had shaped Salsa in the 1970s (mainly the New York Salsa) were abandoned in favor of a new style defined by its romanticism, sensuality and explicit lyrics built around sex and love issues. These changes marked the beginning of the romantic Salsa era.

Salsa romantica, as it was known throughout the Spanish-speaking world, came to define this new Salsa style. Because of its explicit lyrics, it was also referred to as Salsa erotica (erotic Salsa). The following list of romantic Salsa songs is a compilation of some of the most enduring hits that marked the evolution of the romantic Salsa movement.

10. Grupo Niche - "La Magia De Tus Besos"

Although Grupo Niche does not really fit into the romantic Salsa style, this popular Colombian group has produced various romantic Salsa songs that include titles like "Nuestro Sueño" and "Una Aventura." The single "La Magia De Tus Besos" is another romantic track that enjoyed enormous popularity among Salsa fans.

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9. Rey Ruiz - "Mi Media Mitad"

In this song, Rey Ruiz talks about soul mates, one of the most romantic concepts ever created by people throughout the ages. This melancholic song shows why Rey Ruiz has been one of the leading artists of the romantic Salsa movement.

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8. David Pabon - "Y Nos Amamos"

With his music, Puerto Rican singer David Pabon became one of the most representative artists of the new romantic style that captured Salsa during the late 1980s. His songs were all about love and intimacy and the single "Y Nos Amamos" became a perfect tune for lovers.

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7. Pedro Conga - "Si Supieras"

Unlike other romantic Salsa artists, Pedro Conga was able to maintain some balance between the sounds that defined Salsa during the 1970s and the new romantic style that started in the 1980s. Pedro Conga and his group produced popular romantic Salsa songs including "Si Supieras," one of the biggest hits Pedro Conga has brought to Salsa romantica.

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6. Jerry Rivera - "Amores Como El Nuestro"

Jerry Rivera's voice, style, and looks fit perfectly the romantic Salsa singer ideal. "Amores Como El Nuestro," a song for people who are deeply in love, is one of the most popular romantic Salsa songs this Puerto Rican artist has produced in his music career.

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5. Frankie Ruiz - "Desnudate Mujer"

Frankie Ruiz was a complete Salsa singer who was able to move easily between Salsa Dura (hard Salsa) and the romantic, sensual side of this genre. His romantic tunes were quite explicit and charged with lots of sexual and erotic references. "Desnudate Mujer" was one of the most popular songs of the Salsa romantica era.

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4. Lalo Rodriguez - "Ven Devorame Otra Vez"

This song was a huge hit back in 1988. The single, which is defined by its sexual lyrics, was the lead song of Lalo's album Un Nuevo Despertar. "Ven Devorame Otra Vez" is one of the most emblematic romantic Salsa songs ever produced.

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3. Willie Gonzalez - "No Podras Escapar De Mi"

Willie Gonzalez is one of the most influential artists of the Salsa romantica movement. His music repertoire captures the sensual style that has defined Salsa from the late 1980s. "No Podras Escaper De Mi" is one of his most famous romantic Salsa songs.

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2. Marc Anthony and La India - "Vivir Lo Nuestro"

"Vivir Lo Nuestro" is definitely one of the most romantic Salsa songs ever produced. An ideal song for Salsa lovers, this track is enhanced by the amazing voices of Marc Anthony and La India.

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1. Eddie Santiago - "Lluvia"

Eddie Santiago is the absolute pioneer of romantic Salsa. During the 1980s he changed the face of this genre with his unique voice and singing style. "Lluvia" is one of the leading songs of the whole romantic Salsa era.

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