8 Roller Ball Under Eye Serums

Roller ball under eye serums are all the rage. The cooling sensation paired with a light massage make them feel like more of a treat than a treatment. Check out these 8 roller ball under eye serums that range in price from cheap to steep. There's one for everyone!

Our most budget-friendly roller ball under eye serum comes from Garnier. Their Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller was the first roller ball eye serum we ever tried, and we were hooked from the first roll. Price around $12, it is your best bet if you're new to roller ball applicators and aren't sure if they're for you.

Neutrogena's Ageless Restoratives Instant Eye Reviver gets good user reviews when it comes to deflating under eye puffiness, but just mediocre reviews when it comes to diminishing under eye circles. But priced around $18 and readily accessible in drugstores everywhere, it's one you'll be sure to find at home.
Lumene skin care may be new to you. They are a company from Finland that has been making beauty products for 40 years. New to the US, you can find their products at CVS. The Vitamin C+ Invigorating Eye Serum contains lingonberry seed oil, which helps to brighten the skin under the eyes, leaving you looking more refreshed. This product costs around $20.
First Aid Beauty's Roller Ball contains caffeine, which will help the dark circles under your eyes disperse. It will also give your skin a boost of moisture, which may help plump fine lines. Priced at $24, First Aid Beauty's line of skin care products are sold exclusively at Sephora.

You can always count on Clinique to come through with their skin care products, and the All About Eye Eye Serum is no exception. This product also contains caffeine, and it's mixed with antioxidants which over time will help defend your skin against life's aging triggers. Many of the reviewers on Sephora.com labeled it as "fast-acting". It's priced at $25.50.

Biotherm: Aquasource Eye Perfection's applicator is a 3-ball head, which gives your skin a bit of an extra massage. It is made for those looking to work against the signs of fatique - dark circles and under eye puffiness. Biotherm describes it as "a smoothing glaze that provides a crystal clear radiance." It's priced at $31.

MD Formulations, a Bare Escentuals brand, promises instant results with The Temps - Brighten and Tighten Eye Serum. According to the description, it "instantly erases signs of fatigue around the eyes." The active ingredients are also to soothe, arnica extract to reduce inflammation and caffeine to help with the dark circles. It's currently priced at $36.

Our most expensive, totally splurge product comes from high-end line, Chanel. Priced around $75, you'd expect great things, but this product gets poor reviews. Many reviewers said it did nothing and left a greasy reside behind, and most reviewers were turned off by the breakable glass bottle. This is one of those times where spending more doesn't necessarily get you better.