10 Rock Stars Who Wiped Out On Stage

Musicians Who Fell Off Stage and On-Stage At Their Shows

Energetic rock musicians occasionally get so caught up in performing for a large audience that they fall off stage, fall on-stage, collide with each other, or even collide with their instruments. Accidents happen to even to the best musicians.

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Dave Grohl falls offstage and breaks leg at a Gothenburg, Sweden show (2015)

Dave Grohl. Kevin Mazur-Getty Images.

While Foo Fighters were performing "Monkey Wrench" at a concert in Gothenberg, Sweden, Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl accidentally fell off stage breaking right his leg. While Grohl was rushed to the hospital the other Foo Fighters' continued the show playing cover tunes. Grohl finished the show hours later with a cast on his leg. Grohl is now continuing Foo Fighters' tour seated on a specially designed guitar throne as his leg heals. Grohl will probably have to hear "don't break a leg" before going onstage for the rest of his life. 

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler's falls offstage at Sturgis, South Dakota show (2009)

Aerosmith's Joe Perry & Steven Tyler
Aerosmith's Joe Perry & Steven Tyler. Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto-Getty Images

While Aerosmith was performing live at the 2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, singer Steven Tyler fell off stage while performing "Love In An Elevator". Tyler suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries from the fall and which he recovered from.

Watch Steven Tyler fall offstage here.

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U2's The Edge falls offstage at Vancouver, Canada show (2015)

U2's The Edge. Joe Hale-Getty Images

While performing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" U2 guitarist The Edge got too close to the edge of the stage and fell off. Luckily he was uninjured. The Edge needs to look where he's going on stage or may find himself in the hospital.

Watch The Edge walk off stage and fall here.

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Green Day's Tre Cool falls off drum riser on the Letterman Show (2007)

Green Day. Dave Hogan-Getty Images.

After Green Day performed "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2007, drummer Tre Cool fell off the drum riser and slid on the stage floor. Tre Cool pulled stunts at the end almost every Late Show performance including once doing a somersault over his drums (watch here at the 3:50 mark) but he never seems to get hurt.

Watch Tre Cool's fall here.  

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U2's Bono falls offstage during a Miami, Florida show (2001)

U2's Bono. KMazur-Getty Images

The Edge's 2015 incident wasn't the first time a U2 member fell offstage. During a 2001 performance of "Until the End of the World" in Miami, U2 singer Bono walks backwards right off the stage. Fortunately Bono was unharmed and was able to continue the song.

Watch Bono fall offstage here.

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Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder slip and falls at Milan, Italy show (2006)

Eddie Vedder. Mick Hutson Getty Images

While Pearl Jam were performing their song "Alive" during a 2006 Milan concert, singer Eddie Vedder tripped over stage equipment while running on-stage. The song's lyric to "walk slowly" was not observed by Vedder who has fallen down countless times during the band's shows.

Watch a compilation Eddie Vedder slipping and falling onstage beginning with his Milan fall here.

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Nirvana's Krist Novoselic falls after being hit by his bass at MTV Awards (1992)

Nirvana. Kevin Mazur-Getty Images

At the end of Nirvana's performance of "Lithium" at 1992's MTV Music Awards, bassist Krist Novoselic tosses his bass in the air only to have it land on his head knocking him down. Novoselic gets up then falls down again due to head trauma and then stumbles offstage.

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Bryan Adams collides with guitarist and falls at a Liverpool, UK show (2015)

Bryan Adams. Donald Weber-Getty Images

During Bryan Adams' performance of the song "Summer of '69" at a 2015 Liverpool show, Adams and longtime lead guitarist Keith Scott ran at each other as if playing a game of chicken. Neither musician backed down which resulted in Adams being knocked down on-stage. After Adams' stopped laughing he told the audience this was the first time he had been taken out by his guitarist in their 30+ year career. 

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Guns N' Roses Axl Rose falls onstage at a Colombian show (2010)

Axl Rose. Ethan Miller-Getty Images

While performing a cover of Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door" in Bogota, Columbia Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose runs across the stage and falls on his butt. Axl sits for a moment with a big smile on his face, then he stands up and continues the song without missing a beat.

Watch Axl Rose slip and fall onstage at the 1:17 mark here.

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Muse's Matthew Bellamy slips and falls on stage at Download Festival (2015)

Muse. Stuart C. Wilson-Getty Images

During Muse's opening song "Psycho" at the 2015 Download Festival at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England frontman Matthew Bellamy slipped and fell on-stage. Bellamy continued the song after his brief slip.

Watch Matthew Bellamy slip and fall here.