Rise of Nations: Extended Edition PC Cheat Codes Guide

Drop nukes, reveal the entire map, and more

Gameplay in Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

Xbox Game Studios

Released in 2004 by Xbox Game Studios, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is a real-time strategy game that spans all of human history. You start with a single city in the Ancient Age and slowly expand, conquering hostile nations as you enact your plans for global domination. The Extended Edition includes the base game and the Thrones and Patriots expansion. If you're looking for some help, here's a list of cheat codes.

This guide is for the Windows version of Rise of Nations: Extended Edition.

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition PC Cheat Codes

To activate any of the below cheats, press the Enter key to display the console, then type the code into the prompt.

Cheat Code Effect
cheat resource all+1000 Grants 1,000 more resources.
cheat ai (on, off or debug) Sets the AI state to on, off, or debug.
cheat ally (nation name) Forces an alliance with the specified nation.
cheat defeat (nation name) Automatically defeats specified nation.
cheat nuke Drops nuke at mouse cursor location.
cheat bird Spawns bird at mouse cursor location.
cheat meet (nation name) Forces an encounter with specified nation.
cheat unmeet (nation name) Turns off encounters with specified nation.
cheat finish Automatically finishes building or next item.
cheat die Kills all selected units.
cheat peace (nation name) Forces peace with specified nation.
cheat safe Places submachine gunners around human capitals.
cheat diff (0-5) Sets difficulty to specified number.
cheat achieve Shows achievements.
cheat commerce (number)(nation name) Shows/changes the commerce level for a specified nation.
cheat library (number)(nation name) Shows/changes the library tech level for a specified nation.
cheat military (number)(nation name) Shows/changes the military level for a specified nation.
cheat age (number)(nation name) Changes the age of the specified nation.
cheat reveal (on or off) Shows the full map.
cheat human (name) Turns computer control off.
cheat computer (name) Turns computer control on.
cheat pause (0 or 1) Toggles the pause function.
cheat victory (nation name) Automatic victory for the specified nation.
cheat war (nation name) Declares war on specified nation.