6 Ripped Male Dragon Ball Z Cosplayers

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The Male Physique and Cosplay

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan God Goku Cosplay
A Creative Super Saiyan God Goku Cosplay.

It's important to get the costume, makeup and hair right when dressing up as a favorite character. Anime characters can be cosplayed from various anime, manga, or video games. Choosing a character can be tricky, but finding someone who resonates with you or looks like you can help with customization. Dragon Ball Z cosplayers show just how effective incorporating the male physique is when capturing both the emotional and raw physical presence of a character.

The Benefits of Cosplay

In a series like Dragon Ball, which features so many powerful aliens and gods, incorporating massive guns and abs really can help bring these larger-than-life characters to life. Cosplay can give participants a true sense of accomplishment and skillset for fashion, from design to skills like sewing, fabric, and crafts. Additionally, the socialization of meeting other cosplay lovers effects positively self-esteem and can liberate private and introverted people.

Dragon Ball Z Costume Shopping

Dragon Ball Z costumes for both females and males are gaining popularity. While many dedicated cosplayers naturally resort to making their own costumes, others are widely available at stores like Party City and from online retailers such as Etsy. It is getting easier to find the best costume wear for characters like Goku and Vegeta.

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Dragon Ball Z's Goku Bringing the Muscles

Living Ichigo as Dragon Ball Z's Goku
Living Ichigo as Dragon Ball Z's Goku. Model: Living Ichigo

The main protagonist of the manga series, Goku originates from the primary character Sun Wukong of the Chinese book Journey to the West. This male Saiyan character is cheerful, tenacious and on a mission is to become the best warrior he can while fighting enemies that may have superior strength.

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Super Saiyan Gohan Cosplayed by Giulio Nardozzi

Giulio Nardozzi Cosplaying as Dragon Ball Z's Super Saiyan Gohan
Super Saiyan Gohan Cosplay by Giulio Nardozzi. Model: Giulio Nardozzi

Recognized as the first half-Earthling and half-Saiyan hybrid, Gohan is the son of Goku. Gohan's name is the same of his grandfather. Different from his father, he only wants to fight when he has to take care of his family and friends. However, he does help defend the Earth with the Z Fighters.

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Goku's Apprentice Uub Comes to Life

Uub Dragon Ball Z Cosplay
Spot-on Uub Dragon Ball Z Cosplay. Model: Erwin Arrieta from Z Warriors Cosplay

The reincarnation of Kid Buum, Uub wears a Mohawk and holds an apprehensive attitude, even though he has the great power of a confident fighter. Uub trains with Goku to fight evil and works to take care of his family who is living in poverty.

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But First, Let Me Take a Super Saiyan Selfie

Charles Brennan as Dragon Ball Z's Super Saiyan Goku
Super Saiyan Selfie. Model: Charles Brennan

The form of a Super Saiyan made its debut in 1991 with the transformation of a strong need, like feeling a strong danger is nearby. A Saiyan may get to a high level of power and lose themselves in a fit of anger. If they are above an average power level, they can be triggered to level up.

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Gohan Grown Up

Vail Akatosh Cosplaying as Dragon Ball Z's Gohan
Vail Akatosh Cosplaying as Dragon Ball Z's Gohan. Model: Vail Akatosh

Although Dragon Ball Z starts off Gohan as a kid, it eventually ends with him as a grown adult who is married with children. Most of how he appears is the same, but he does eventually transform into Great Ape. As an adult, he becomes a scholar and gets attached to his mentor, Piccolo.