Word-Lock Bike Lock Review

Word-Lock Bike Lock

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The Word-Lock cable bike lock uses letters combinations instead of numbers to open the lock. Create an easy-to-remember word that means something to you as your combination and never be stuck unable to open your lock. Ideal for kids or people who for whatever reason have trouble remembering number combinations. If theft is a real risk, you'll want something stronger than a Word-Lock cable bike lock to protect your bike against a more determined and experienced thief as a bolt-cutter will snip through the cable in a hurry.


  • Letters form words for an easy-to-remember combination.
  • The combination can be a word you choose.
  • Combinations can be reset as needed — create a new word anytime.


  • Word-Lock cable bike lock is not particularly durable against a determined thief.
  • Plastic housing surrounding tumblers has a tendency to pull away.


  • Wordlock has letters instead of numbers allowing 10,000 possible combinations.
  • Self-coiling, plastic coated steel cable won't scratch your bike's finish.
  • Lock Size 6' feet long (fully stretched out) x 12mm thick.
  • Includes seat post bracket for easy mounting and transport.


FAST. SHED. BOOT. BIKE. All these are word combinations possible with the Wordlock Cable Bike Lock, a clever little device that uses letters instead of numbers as a combination for the lock. Four tumblers with letters and vowels offer 10,000 different combinations, allow you can pick words that are easy for you to remember but nearly impossible for anyone to guess. The password is easy to set, with a twist of the dial, and you can change your password whenever you want.

The lock is ideal for kids on bikes as the combination is easy to remember and the self-coiling 12mm steel cable lock includes a seat post bracket for easy mounting and transport. Plus it's fun to select your own four-letter word for a combination, limited only by what you can come up with using the most common vowels and consonants that fill the Word-Lock's four tumblers. And resetting it is a snap if you disclose your password to someone or simply decide you like DAVE better than JAKE.

The downside to the Word-Lock is simply that carried by all cable locks: they are not as durable as a hardened U-lock and can be relatively quickly snipped by someone with a bolt-cutters. So, feel free to go with this lock if you plan to use this where theft is not a big risk and you're really only trying to deter another kid from taking your bike. Get another lock if you're going to be parking your bike somewhere that theft from experienced bike-knappers is a real risk.