Review: Superman: Lois & Clark #6 (2016)

Superman's family is threatened again and he has to fight against Intergang while saving the city. It's another tense and well-written comic by Dan Jurgens with stunning artwork by Lee Weeks and Scott Hanna. 

If you want to avoid spoilers for this comic then skip to the overall section at the end.
Warning: Spoilers for Superman: Lois & Clark #6 by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks

Long Cool Woman

Comic panel of Superman: Lois & Clark #6 by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks
DC Comics

The comic opens with a flashback of Lois Lane racing to the barn. She shows Clark the title of The Daily Planet which outs Clark Kent as Superman. The reveal is first mentioned in Action Comics #41. She's terrified of the implications. Clark seems indifferent and jokes the beard is permanent.

The comic goes back to the present with Clark hovering over Metropolis. The criminal organization known as Intergang has kidnapped Lois' publisher Cora Benning. They're trying to find out who wrote a tell-all book on them as "Author X". Of course, that's none other than Lois Lane. Superman is using his super hearing to filter out all noises except her cell phone ring. It's a gripping scene as he majestically hovers over the skyline trying to block out TV and construction workers. At exactly 5 o'clock Lois calls the phone. He hears "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" by The Hollies and flies off to find it.
Meanwhile, Lois heads to school because their son Jonathan missed the bus working on a report. It turns out Jon has been secretly working on a biography of Superman. In fact, he's reading the exact article at the beginning of the comic. Uh oh. They've been trying to keep Jon from finding out his father is Superman but he clearly suspects.

Blackrock Attacks

Comic panel of Superman: Lois & Clark #6 by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks
DC Comics

Benning is in a log cabin in the woods north of San Fransisco with a bag on her head. The two guys watching her say Cribb has what they need from her about Author X identity and get ready to kill her. Superman flies through the cabin picks up Vinnie and flies him into a tree. He comes back, knocks out the other guy before leading her to her car. She still has the bag over her head so she doesn't know who he is, but she tells him they forced her to give up Author X's identity. He flies off before she can see him.

Meanwhile, at Roosevelt Bridge, a TMZ style TV show is setting up a super-villain to destroy the bridge. Riddick has been given a back story, a suit of armor and the nickname "Blackrock" which is a nice call-back to the classic villain. The plan is to have him destroy the bridge (which was going to be demolished anyway), have the governor express fake outrage and get some great footage. The second unit is supposed to block off the traffic to leave the bridge safe to destroy but got stuck in traffic. The bridge is unknowingly full of innocent victims.
Lois and Jon leave the school and she asks him if he's interested in Superman. Just before he pops the question, two Intergang thugs grab them. At the same time, a tanker truck falls off the bridge and Superman has to swoop in and save it. The timing is awful and Superman says so, but he has to help them. 

The Truth

Comic panel of Superman: Lois & Clark #6 (2016)
DC Comics

Chambers is debriefing Henshaw about the crash of the spaceship Excalibur. He says he just passed out but Chamber's is suspicious. The comic then confusingly cut back mid-page to Lois and Jon tied up in a house and them guys are demanding to know what inside information they have or they'll burn the place down.

The comic cuts to Superman again as he uses his super-breath to blow falling cars to safety. Meanwhile, Lois and Jon are trapped in the building and Lois desperately tries to assure her son that they'll get out of this.

Jon furiously asks why they keep lying to him. When she says Daddy is coming he screams "What does that mean? How will he know? Why does Dad look so much like the guy they say is Superman? An' why do you look like the lady that outted them?" When he lays it all out it's hard to believe Jon wouldn't figure out his parents are Lois Lane and Superman.

While his family is facing certain death, another family are facing it too. Superman saves a car from underwater and grabs Blackrock. Jon is screaming, crying and yells, "All I want to know is the truth! Why won't you tell me who I am?!" and snaps the ropes around his wrists.

We've Got Problems

Comic panel of Superman: Lois & Clark #6
DC Comics

Back on the island, Chambers is pushing Henshaw to find out what happened to the rest of his crew. He doesn't know Henshaw flipped out but he knows there's more than he's telling. Suddenly the door is cut open by a bloody sword and Hyathis tells them to give her the "Oblivion Stone". Back in Metropolis, Superman is fighting Blackrock and the energy pulses knock him for a loop.

So, what's happening to Lois and Jon? Well the door is blocked by fire and Lois can't get through, but Jon makes a surprising discovery. I'm not spoiling it but it's wonderful. Much better than what happened in Superman Returns.

Overall: Buy Superman: Lois & Clark #6 by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks

Comic cover of Superman: Lois & Clark #6
DC Comics

This comic is one you'll want to add to your collection, so pick it up.

The writing of this issue is splendid and the story arc of Jonathan from a scared little boy to a guy demanding answers has been wonderful to watch. At the beginning of the series, ​he seemed like a minor character, but this issue really shows he's not just a dumb kid. He's got his mother's smarts and his father's tenacity. This is all going to pay off big-time in DC Rebirth.
My only complaint is the story jumps back and forth between three locations a little too quickly. The narrative could have been a little tighter. Still, Jergens is a masterful storyteller and in the hands of a lesser writer, it would have been incomprehensible.

Seeing Superman saving lives and taking down thugs is some of the best action I've seen in a Superman comic. The battle against Blackrock only takes up a few panels, but it's explosive.

This comic is full of wonderful scenes both exciting and evocative. The entire storyline is wonderful at bringing back the Superman we know while grounding it in the familiar world of New 52. At the same time, we get to see Jonathan become his own person. There were hints that he was developing powers in #2 and #5 but it's finally been confirmed. 

Lee Weeks and Scott Hanna are a powerhouse team and they're artwork flows on the page perfectly. Just browsing through the artwork makes it worth picking up.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

About Superman: Lois & Clark #6

  • Writing by Dan Jurgens
  • Artwork by Lee Weeks
  • Inking by Lee Weeks
  • Color by Jeromy Cox
  • Synopsis: Can even this Superman save Lois from the deadly vengeance of Intergang? Or will young Jon have to be the one to step up to this challenge?
  • On Sale Date: March 23, 2016
  • U.S. Price: $3.99

Final Thoughts

Superman: Lois & Clark #6 by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeksis a great reminder of how Superman can be great with a good creative team. So get your copy today!