Review of Snow White Inline Figure Skates

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Snow White Inline Figure Skates
(Shu Sheng Du)

Snow White inline figure skates are for the serious artistic in-line figure skater or for anyone who wishes to do what is done on the ice on inline skates. The product is manufactured by Arthur Lee of Double L's International. The company is based in Taiwan. The company's goal is to promote inline artistic skating.

Those who have tried Snow Whites say they are able to do spins and jumps with ease. Also, they are very light and the short frame makes it possible to do ice dances.

Spinning can be delightful on Snow Whites, but it may take time to figure out where the "sweet spot" is. When a skater attempts a sit spin, he or she may have to force his or her weight a bit forward. Camel spins feel so much like camel spins feel on the ice.

Although Snow White skates are made in China, there are Snow White skate distributors all over the world. Some countries where Snow White skates are available for purchase include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Benelux, Brazil, China, Czech and Slovakia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Those who are interested in artistic inline figure skating will find that Snow White inline figure skates are the most popular and are one of the most accepted inline figure skates in the artistic roller skating world. Three wheels, a toe stop, and a rockered design make the skate lighter than The PIC® Skate which is the most popular inline figure skate among ice skaters.


  • The Snow White's very light frame makes it possible to do spins and jumps easily.
  • Ice dances, turns, steps, and footwork can be performed with precision due to the skate's short frame.


  • Transition from traditional figure ice skates to Snow White inline figure skates may take some time.
  • Skaters may not be able to gain as much speed on these skates as they can attain on the ice.


  • Feels like an ice figure skate.
  • Skaters can buy a frame set and mount it to used or new skating boots.
  • The Snow White skate has inside and outside edges just like an ice figure skate.
  • With practice, spins are possible on Snow White skates.
  • All jumps, including double and triple figure skating jumps are possible on Snow White skates.
  • With practice, every maneuver that can be done on the ice can also be performed on Snow White skates.
  • The Snow White frame is really for indoor skating, but the manufacturer does also make wheels that are available for skating outdoors.
  • The Snow White skate is the most popular inline figure skate in the artistic roller figure skating world.
  • Made in Taiwan.

The Bottom Line

Snow White skates make it possible to practice all figure skating moves done on the ice off the ice. The skate's light design, toe stop, and rockered frame helps a skater feel like he or she is skating on ice skates.​