Review of the Zippo Blu2 Butane Cigar Lighter

Zippo Blu2 Cigar Lighter

Gary Manelski 

Back in November of 2011, Zippo announced their second generation of Zippo Blu cigar lighters, which they aptly named Zippo Blu2. These second generation Zippo Blu2 cigar lighters are an improvement over the original Zippo Blu cigar lighters that came out during the mid 2000's. Zippo cigarette lighters have been around for over 80 years but they are not recommended for cigar smokers because they use liquid lighter fluid that smells like gasoline which can negatively impact the taste and aroma of a fine cigar.

What is a Zippo Blu2?

Zippo Blu cigar lighters use odorless butane fuel, and were developed especially for use by cigar smokers. Zippo Blu2 cigar lighters produce a single jet flame that is wind resistant, but not windproof. The flame is not adjustable, and according to Zippo, is fixed at the ideal flame height. The lighters use a wheel and flint ignition system, as opposed to an electronic ignition system employed by other brands of jet flame cigar lighters.
Zippo Blu2 cigar lighters resemble traditional Zippo cigarette lighters. However, this is not your grandfather's lighter. The retro styling mixed with modern jet flame technology is analogous to restomods in world of classic automobiles. Imagine your favorite classic car from the 1960's (or your favorite bygone era) that has been restored to its original appearance, but updated mechanically and electronically with the latest technology. You can enjoy the best of both worlds in styling and performance. The Zippo Blu2 even sounds like a classic Zippo cigarette lighter, with those famous Zippo clicks when you open and close the lid.


The wheel and flint system is more reliable than some of the electronic ignition systems in other jet flame lighters that you may have used. For obvious safety reasons, the flame on any jet flame lighter is not designed to continue burning automatically. Although the height and intensity of the jet flame cannot be adjusted as you can do with most other brands, the single factory setting is excellent. The Zippo's fuel tank may be a bit larger than many other butane cigar lighters, but there are still other brands available with extra large fuel tanks.

Compared to other brands and styles of jet flame lighters, Zippo Blu's wheel and flint ignition system and retro styling set it apart from the rest in terms of performance and appearance. The ignition system may be more reliable than some of the other brands, but it does require periodic replacement of the inexpensive flint. Whether or not you like the lighter's classic styling is a matter of personal preference.

The feel, grip and technique of igniting and holding the Zippo Blu2 lighter while also holding, puffing, and rotating a cigar might require a little practice for some. However, this should not be much of an issue for seasoned smokers, especially those who enjoy collecting and using a variety of different types of cigar lighters. Add one to your collection today!