Review of the Hallmark Channel Figure Skating Movie "Ice Dreams"

Female Skater Performing Jump During Figure Skating Competition
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"Ice Dreams" is a Hallmark Channel original television movie that was released in January of 2010. It is about a former champion skater and Olympic contender who returns to the ice to coach a talented teenage girl. This is a wonderful family film.


  • 120 minutes
  • Premiered on the Hallmark Channel on January 23, 2010, during the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships.
  • Directed by David Burton Morris
  • Some of the cast includes Jessica Cauffiel, Brady Smith, Jerry Stiller, Noelle Bruno, Kathleen Wilhoite, and Shelley Long.
  • A cameo appearance is made by World Figure Skating Champion and Olympian Randy Gardner.
  • Larry Levinson is Executive Producer
  • Written by James Bruner and Elizabeth Stevens

Review of 'Ice Dreams'

"Ice Dreams" is a typical and heartwarming Hallmark Channel movie.

Most of the story takes place at Mid-City Ice Rink, a struggling and somewhat run-down ice arena in an area of a city that is going downhill. Tim King has been left the ice rink by his late Uncle Walter. King spent time there as a kid; he worked there and played hockey.

The rink has been struggling to stay open. King must decide the fate of the facility. He takes a leave from his existing job in Denver and moves inside the rink's office. He tries hard to bring people in by offering free hockey lessons and allowing customers to pay whatever they can afford.

Amy Clayton qualified for the Olympics fourteen years before, but quit competitive skating just before the Olympics when her father tragically died in a car accident when he was driving Amy to a practice session. Amy no longer performs in public, but after hours, late at night, she practices at the Mid-City Rink on a "pay when you can" basis.

Nicky is a talented fifteen-year-old skater, with limited funds. She also skates at Mid-City, and needs a coach, but can't afford the high fees that most figure skating coaches charge for private lessons. Tim tries to talk Amy into coaching Nicky. At first, she refuses but changes her mind.

Then, Amy puts "her all" into Nicky's training. Every day they meet at the rink at 5:30 a.m. for intense training sessions.

Tim and Amy fall in love. Also, Amy's mother (Shelly Long) is delighted to see Amy skating again.

A bit of a crisis occurs when Tim decides to sell the rink. Amy is hurt and angry. Also, there is another conflict between Nicky and Amy over Nicky's training, but with Nicky's mother's encouragement, that passes.

The story ends with Nicky competing at Regionals. She wins and impresses everyone including the television commentators. Several figure skaters want to now take lessons from Amy, which means that the Mid-City Ice Rink will have enough business to stay open and that Tim doesn't have to sell the rink after all.

Some of this story is a bit unrealistic in representing the figure skating world. For example, the regional competition shows skaters competing under spotlights. Figure skaters don't compete in the dark. Also, television commentators are not present at regional competitions nor do on-ice award ceremonies take place.

It is obvious that the actors in the movie know how to skate, but stunt doubles were needed in some instances. Anyone who "knows skating" can easily see when a stunt double steps in.

One thing that might never happen in "real life" is how much is given away by the rink's owner, Tim. Very few ice rinks would just give away skates, hockey equipment, and ice time. Also, Amy Clayton, a novice coach, but Olympic-level skater, agreeing to teach Nicky at a very reduced rate most likely would not happen.

What is realistic is that there are many struggling skating rinks that do have to close their doors due to financial struggles. Mid-City Ice Rink's story is very real.


  • Ice Dreams is a family oriented movie.
  • This movie will make anyone feel happy.


  • Not all of what is shown about the figure skating world is correct.

The Bottom Line

Some of what is shown about figure skating is inaccurate, but that doesn't seem to matter. Viewers will want to give ice skating a try after seeing the movie. Also, the story teaches the importance of dedication and hard work. There is also another message throughout the story—it is essential to never give up on yourself or on life.