Review of Rockerz® Figure Skate Blade Guards

Rockerz® Figure Skate Blade Guards
Rockerz® Figure Skate Blade Guards. Photo Copyright © Penguin Specialty Products

Skate guards are protective covers, usually made of rubber or plastic, that protect ice skate blades. Every figure skater must have a pair of ice skate guards to put on blades, especially if he or she needs to walk on a surface other than the rubber mat that surrounds most ice surfaces.

Guide Review - Rockerz® Figure Skate Blade Guards

Rockerz® are revolutionary. Most skate guards just cover blades, but Rockerz® make it much more comfortable than traditional skate guards to walk to and from the ice. The guards feature a curved and rocker shaped bottom which makes it possible for skaters to walk comfortably on their skates.

The product comes in a huge variety of colors so that skaters can mix and match the colors to create a personal set of skate guards. Every pair of Rockerz® comes with a special Rockerz® roll up towel.

Rockerz® have a heavy tread. The heavy tread is designed to help users grip to wet or slippery surfaces. The product's wide base helps skaters feel stable while walking off the ice in skates. The indented, ergonomic grips make it easier to take these guards on and off.

Skaters of all ages and skating levels will enjoy Rockerz®. In addition to the product being "just plain fun," Rockerz® last longer than most figure skate blade guards. Also, since each pair is fitted for an individual's needs, there is less likelihood that a skater's Rockerz® guards will be picked up by accident by another skater.

Penguin Specialty Products is the first and only company in the world offering such innovation in skate guard technology. Although the price of Rockerz® may be higher than other brands of skate guards, the investment in this high-quality product is well worth it.


  • Rockerz® come in a variety of bright colors and are easy to take off and put on.
  • Quality of material is softer, more durable, and a better feel than ordinary guards.
  • Choice of 12 colors and 2 springs - can have all one color or up to 4 colors, gold or silver springs.
  • Fits all brands of blades including Paramount and Matrix blades.


  • The price of Rockerz® may be a bit high for some budgets.
  • Rockerz® do not fit K-Pick® blades.


  • Rounded bottom makes walking on skates easy and comfortable.
  • Designed by Olympians Beata Handra and Charles Sinek and Penguin Specialty Products.
  • Guards have springs between each Rockerz® half so that they can fit all sizes of figure skate blades.
  • Skaters can choose either gold or silver springs.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made from high-quality plastic.
  • Recyclable
  • Worn by the Haydenettes world synchronized skating medalists and US national champions.
  • Available in a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched to create a personal look.
  • Skating teams or clubs can create a certain look by ordering matching guards for the whole team.

Rockerz® Testimonials

  • "I just got my Rockerz® yesterday and I love them! I got on the ice right after they cleaned the ice and I didn't slip!" "These are the best guards ever, thanks a lot!"
    "Rockerz® are awesome guards! My kids love the rocker bottom so they are easy to walk in, and they are also easy to put on and take off! We keep good track of these guards and we don't want to leave the rink without them! Super cool and extremely fabulous!"
    "Rockerz are the best skate guards!"
    "I ♥ my Rockerz! Rock on!"

The Bottom Line

Rockerz® skate blades guards are "fun" skate guards. It is common for figure skaters to lose their guards, but Rockerz® are so much fun and skaters will like them so much that there is less likelihood that they'll be left on the rail or lost. Skaters will love their Rockerz®!

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