Review of King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor

King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor

When it comes to razors, these days I haven't seen a lot of real innovation.  For most companies, it seems, innovation means adding another blade to the razor cartridge.  Really?  Nobody actually needs six blades dragging across their face.  I will admit, I wasn't expecting much when I stumbled upon the King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor -- a razor which promises an amazing shave without shaving cream.  Yeah, you read that right — without shaving cream.  Reluctantly, I decided to put the claim to the test and I have to admit I was impressed during my review of King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor.

Handle Design

Before I get into the specifics of the shave, let’s talk about the design of the razor.  At first glance, I thought it was a razor for women to shave their legs.  The wishbone shape of the razor is certainly different, almost “pretty” in a way, but not over the top like some of the mass-market razors out there.  I would like to see this in black instead of the white, but that’s just my personal color preference.  The cartridge fits easily on the top of the handle, where it rests on a rubber hinge which provides the cartridge’s pivot.  I wonder how long this rubber will hold up, but I guess time will tell.  Overall, the razor is comfortable to hold and doesn’t’ feel cheap at all.

Cartridge Design

This is where the King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor really shows some innovation.  The five blades on the razor are surrounded by a surface that contains a lubricant which, when it comes in contact with water, creates a very slick surface (which, for most of us, virtually eliminates the need for a separate shaving cream).  You may not think this sounds innovative as most razors have included a lubricating strip since the late 1970s, but it is.  Unlike most cartridges, the lubricating strip begins before the blades.  This means your face becomes lubricated before the blade begins shaving your face.  This is a lubricating strip done the right way.  I believe this strip on most other razors (which place the strip after the blades) is utterly a pointless marketing gimmick (much like the addition of more blades), but on the Hyperglide, the lubricating strip becomes helpful and, dare I say, innovative.  Of course, the cartridge does include five blades (and a trimmer blade on the backside).  They could have gotten by with four blades, but even King of Shaves has to keep up with the Joneses, I guess.  

The Shave

When I first shaved with this razor, without shaving cream, I was almost shocked.  I was expecting a horrible result.  Indeed, the first time I passed the razor over my face, it didn't even feel like it was doing anything, but when I reached up and felt my face, it was smooth.  I proceeded to shave my entire face, without shaving cream, and the result was comparable to the shave I get using my Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Duke Cannon Shaving Cream.  This razor impresses me, and I'm not easily impressed.  The design of the cartridge progressively presses each blade a little closer to the skin, providing for a very close shave.  I found the blades to be quite sharp and effective as well.  The trimmer blade on the back side of the cartridge worked well too, but I would do your trimming after you've shaved the rest of your face and it is still slick.  


Sadly, these razors are not yet available everywhere in the United States, but you can order them online (from the King of Shaves website) and they are available in Target stores across the United States.  You can also order them from Amazon.  At Target, the handle with one blade retails for $12.49, while a three-blade cartridge also sells for $12.49 (or $4.16 per blade).  Some may find the price a turn-off, but you can save a few bucks if you skip the shaving cream, which you can certainly do with this razor.

Bottom Line

Yes, I will admit I like using a great shaving cream and, even with this razor, will likely continue to do so.  But, the King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor did live up to the promise of providing an excellent shave with no shaving prep. For best results, use after your shower. I'll certainly be picking up a couple of these for travel and the gym and I will certainly add this to my list of best razors on the market. 

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