Review of Jackson Softec Figure Skates

Jackson Softec Figure Skates make it possible to skate for hours in a comfortable boot. Skaters that skate in these skates say that their feet never hurt and ice skating becomes more fun because of this boot and blade combination. Others say that this skate feels like skating in sneakers. This is a figure skate made for entry-level skaters and for recreational skating, so difficult figure skating moves cannot be done in this skate.


  • This Jackson Softec skate is very comfortable.
  • The Softec skate's price is not high.


  • Because the boot is bulky, precise figure skating moves can't be performed.
  • The blade is meant for recreational skating, so spins and jumps might be difficult in these skates.


  • Durable nylon upper
  • Thinsulate® lining
  • Fully lined upper and tongue with foam padding
  • Lace loops
  • Ankle strap with Velcro® fastening system
  • Pull-on heel tab
  • Molded footbed
  • Three-color rubber figure outsole
  • Blade attached
  • Two colors are available: Navy/Silver or White/Gray

Review of Jackson Softec Figure Skates

One thing that stops many people from trying figure skating is that figure skates hurt. Others say the price of figure skates is just too high.

Jackson Softec Figure Skates change that. These skates are comfortable and they are also not expensive. The price of these skates will fit into most people's budgets.

Many people say that this boot feels like a sneaker and that figure skating is more fun in this skate.

The Softec Figure Skate comes with a figure skating blade attached. The boot and blade are both for recreational skating. This skate is not designed for doing advanced figure skating moves but can be great for a beginning recreational figure skater since there is no breaking in period and these skates are comfortable.