Energy Drink Supplement Review: Monster Lo-Carb Energy Drink Review

Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink
Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink. Monster Beverage Co.

The Bottom Line

The Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink from Monster Energy provides a variety of energy producing nutrients in a convenient and tasty carbonated 16-ounce can that contains 2 servings of the product. This drink offers a convenient and low carb way to get some energy throughout the day.


  • Great tasting (nice tangy taste) and convenient - it is very easy to carry and is ready to drink.
  • Low in carbs (3 grams per serving).
  • Great combination of energy producing ingredients in the right quantities.
  • Two servings per can.
  • Great price. I have seen it as low as $1.54 per can.


  • The 3 grams of carbs are from glucose so diabetics need to be careful.
  • Not good for those sensitive to caffeine.
  • 180 mg of sodium so people on dialysis and with high blood pressure issues need to be careful.


  • Carbonated drink with an awesome tangy taste.
  • Comes in a can with 2 servings so you can either split it or drink the whole thing.
  • Only 3 grams of carbs per serving.
  • High in B Vitamins which help with energy production.
  • High in L-Carnitine which helps with energy and also helps to mobilize fats and burn them as energy.
  • Contains Glucoronolactone which increases alertness, has liver protecting properties and spares glycogen.
  • Contains 200mg of Panax Ginseng (the dose used in most clinical studies), which aids recovery and promotes energy.
  • Contains 1000mg of L-taurine which aids in firing nerve impulses into your muscles, thus helping to maximize muscle strength.

Monster Lo-Carb Energy Drink Review

When you first taste the Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink the first thing you notice is the amazing tangy taste. It tastes like a regular soda to be honest. The taste gives the impression that it is loaded with sugars but in reality, each 8-ounce serving only contains 3 grams. It is sweetened with glucose, citric acid, and some natural flavors.

If taken on an empty stomach you will feel the effects of the energy blend within 15 minutes. I notice that it increases energy, endurance, and mental focus. When I use the drink as a pre-workout energy booster, I like to stack it with Labrada Nutrition's Re-Charge which has nitric oxide boosters, creatine, and the testosterone booster humanafort. Great pre-workout stack, by the way.

Most of the time, however, I simply use the drink prior to my cardiovascular workout in the morning (and I also stack it with Re-Charge at this time).

At either rate, stacked or as a standalone, you cannot argue with the effectiveness of this product. If you are sensitive to caffeine, I would recommend you only start with 4 ounces, but if you are pretty used to caffeine and other stimulants, you will be able to get away with drinking the whole can since it contains around 160mg (80mg per serving). Always err ​on the side of caution, however.

One thing that I really like about this product is that I don’t get jittery from it nor do I feel nervous after ingesting it. I just get a steady flow of focused energy and zero crash, in addition to a cold and tasty carbonated drink that can be consumed either in the morning as a jump start, throughout the day during work or as a pre-workout energy formula.