Review: Batman/Superman #30 (2016)

Who Will Save Superman in Chains and Batman in Space?

This is the final issue in the story arc by the creative team of Tom Taylor and Robson Rocha and it pays off.

If you want to avoid spoilers for this comic then skip to the overall section at the end.

Warning: Spoilers for Batman/Superman #30 by Tom Taylor and Robson Rocha​

One Endless Day

Comic panel of Batman/Superman #30 by Tom Taylor and Robson Rocha
Batman/Superman #30 by Robson Rocha. DC Comics

In the last issue, Batman/Superman #29, Superman and Batman are following the clues left by a giant space explorer on the moon. The explorer's reptilian father tells them about a giant sun that the explorer was looking for. Superman goes to investigate and finds an old man chained to the sun processing energy. Turns out it was a trap for Superman and Batman manages to escape from the bounty hunter Lobo and steal his ship.

The comic opens with Batman racing through space in a ship he "acquired" from Lobo. Superman has been chained up in the armored station in Scorch Space. The old man who has him chained is a Daxamite named Si Bar. He sadly says he's been staring at the sun for "one endless day" and doesn't even know Krypton was destroyed. The Daxamite says they promised they would let him go if he helped capture him.

But Superman tells him to use his x-ray vision and Si Bar realizes his cells are deteriorating and he's dying. The horrible truth is they just needed a replacement. The power and emotion of this scene can't be understated. Si Bar's scream is pure horror.

Cold Vacuum of Space

Comic panel of Batman/Superman #30
Batman/Superman #30 by Robson Rocha. DC Comics

Lobo's mad that batman took his face off, but there's a locator on it. He reminds Batman there's nowhere to hide in space. So Batman calls Green Lantern through his reverse engineered communicator. Amazingly he's asking Hal Jordan for help. This is a great moment as it explores their relationship. Who else would Batman ask for help?

Si Bar destroys the Kryptonite and Superman makes a promise to get him home. But what's the point Si Bar asks? Everyone already thinks he's dead and he's dying anyway. So instead, they decide to team up and bring down the people who did this to him. Superman uses the super sun to charge back up his cells and he goes to save Batman. But he tells Superman to let him die so he can find the giant.
Lobo drops on the ship and fights Batman, but gets pushed out an airlock. Lobo flies his body back to the Giant before he realizes he's not dead. Even after being chained to the outside of the ship.

No Life is Nothing

Comic panel of Batman/Superman #30
Batman/Superman #30 by Robson Rocha. DC Comics

The Giant admits that it was only her compassion that could bring Superman but she would have realize he was involved. When Batman reminds him she was her daughter he laughs and says his mistake was assuming they were like him. Shockingly, he ate her smaller siblings in the nest. For the power he's getting a few lives are nothing. Batman growls, "No life is nothing" before stopping a punch from Lobo.

Batman grabs Lobo and throws him into space. Then, in what's probably the silliest moment in the comic, he pulls his bat-suit open to reveal his Superman costume. Can Superman's costume even fit under Batman's? What happens to the cape?

Anyway, it turns out Superman switched places with Batman so they could give his confession to the Green Lantern Corp. The Giant tries to squash Superman and gets his hand punched through.

The Sunset

Comic panel of Batman/Superman #30
Batman/Superman #30 by Robson Rocha. DC Comics

Back on Earth Batman, the Daxamite, and Superman are looking at the sunset. I won't spoil it but the last panel is one of the most touching things I've read all year.

Overall: Buy Batman/Superman #30 by Tom Taylor and Robson Rocha

Comic Cover Batman/Superman #30 (2016)
Batman/Superman #30 by Yanick Paquette. DC Comics

With the new movie everyone is focused on how different Superman and Batman are. But this comic helps to remind us that they both work well together and compliment each other. 

There's not much action in this comic since it skips over some potentially exciting scenes to focus on the story. But the fights are short and get the job done. The artwork by Robson Rocha is superb and every little detail he puts in worth lingering on. But his dynamic and fast-apced style keeps you flying to the next panel.Good coloring can be tricky, but Blond brings it as usual. From the flaming fires coming from the super sun to the subtle colors of the sunset, he gives each page a unique feel.

While this comic drags a bit the dialogue and artwork make this comic is worth adding to your collection so go get it!

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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About Batman/Superman #30

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artwork by Robson Rocha
  • Inking by Jay Leisten
  • Color by Blond
  • On Sale Date: March 9, 2016
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
  • Synopsis: The mystery of why Batman and Superman were brought into a cosmic murder case is revealed - and the ramifications for Superman are huge!

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Final Thoughts

Tom Taylor gives the story humor and depth and Robson Roche brings it to life nicely. This really has ben a great creative team. While the story was satisfying enough, the thoughtful and poignant epilogue is enough to make you wish this team stuck around for the next year.