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Fees of 1% make it more expensive than some, but there is a free trial

eSnipe enables you to snipe with URLs as well as eBay item numbers. Image: is an eBay sniping platform—a tool that enables you to automatically place last-moment eBay bids without having to use eBay's own bidding system, which could potentially encourage other bids.

With an Alexa rank of 24,519, is a relatively popular sniping platform, though not as popular as sites like or is easy to use; it requires no software to be installed (you access it instead in your web browser) and it does not require that your computer be running for bids to be placed. A nice touch not offered by many other sniping services is that you can provide snipe listings by their URL, not just by their item number. While this may seem like a minor thing, it does make sniping just a bit less fiddly and squinty as you do it.

As with many sniping services, requires that you provide your eBay ID and eBay password in order for it to work. This means that if is ever compromised, your eBay account is effectively compromised as well, so be vigilant and watch for any security notices as you use it.

Unlike many other sniping services, does charge a small fee that works out to 1% of the value of each won item, with a $0.25 minimum and a $10.00 maximum. This fee is paid using's "BidPoints" system, which can be confusing to new users but enables to avoid having to process many very tiny fees for inexpensive items won. The minimum purchase of 500 BidPoints costs $5.00.

Note that does offer a brief free trial period so that shoppers can get a feel for how the service works on one or several low-value items before deciding to purchase BidPoints.

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Concise Information About

The following details about do not represent an endorsement (or criticism of) for sniping or other purposes. Popularity: HIGH is a relatively popular eBay sniping platform.

Software Installation: NO

This eBay sniping platform is web-based, meaning that it doesn't require that you install any software on your computer. Instead, it runs inside your web browser.

Computer Must Be Running: NO

Since this sniping platform is web-based, all of your snipes are processed by's servers, meaning that your computer doesn't have to be on for sniping to occur. Once you enter your snipes, will handle the rest, whether your computer is on or not.

Security Status: THIRD PARTY

Because needs your eBay account information in order to place bids on your behalf, you must supply your eBay login and password to, meaning that if is ever compromised, your eBay account is compromised, too.

Group/Contingency Sniping: YES supports group sniping (also known as contingency sniping), in which you place snipes for multiple similar items, all of which are all cancelled as soon as you win any one of them.

Price/Fee Structure charges 1% of the value of winning bids ($0.25 minimum, $10.00 maximum) as a fee. Fees are prepaid with a minimum $5.00 buy-in.