Resignation Letter for a Dream Job Offer

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The best reason to quit your job is because you have an amazing new job lined up. But even if you can’t wait to get started on your next professional chapter, quitting your job can be difficult. You may feel a bit nervous when the time comes to let your current boss know that you’ll be moving on.

Writing the right kind of resignation letter can help make quitting easier. In addition to being good manners, a resignation letter puts the important details in writing. This helps ensure that there’s no confusion about when you’re leaving your current job. It’s also an opportunity to thank your employer for the opportunities they’ve given you, which will strengthen your professional relationship.

Leave on good terms, so that your manager and co-workers will be willing to provide you with good references and recommendations later on.

Learn more about how to write a resignation letter, what to include, and how to notify your employer that you’re moving on.

How To Write Your Resignation Letter

Make sure your resignation checks these boxes:

Give the Appropriate Notice

If possible, give your employer the appropriate amount of notice. Unless you have an employment contract that requires more, this is usually two weeks’ notice.

Can’t give that much time? Give the employer as much notice as you can. In any case, be sure to include the date you plan to leave the company. This will give your team a clear sense of your timeline.

Be Professional

Use business letter format when writing your letter and proofread carefully for typos, errors, or formatting issues. This is professional correspondence, so make sure it is polished.

If time is of the essence, you might consider sending a resignation email instead of a letter. This will also provide proof that you sent your letter when you said you did, should there be any disagreement about timing later on.

Keep It Brief

You might choose to mention that you are only leaving because you found an ideal job opportunity. However, do not feel the need to go into great detail.

Say Thank You

Make sure to give thanks for the time you have worked at the company. Emphasize that you are only leaving because this new position is a perfect fit, not because you are unhappy with your current position. (If you were unhappy with the company, don’t mention it in your letter or say anything negative about your boss, co-workers, or clients. Keep it positive.)

Offer Help

If you are able to do so, offer to help the company with the transition. You might offer to train a new employee, for example. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions about compensation or benefits, such as where or when you will receive your last paycheck. You should send the letter to both your employer and to the human resources office.

Keep in Touch

Include a non-company email address, so that your employer can get in touch with you. This is especially important if you are leaving right away.

Resignation Letter Sample – Dream Job Offer

Jane Smith
20 Chestnut St.
Business City, NY 11710

October 15, 2021

Maria Gonzalez
Acme Corp
400 Industrial Road, Ste. 4
Business City, NY 11710

Dear Ms. Gonzalez:

I am writing to notify you of my impending departure from the company. I plan to leave at the start of next month (November 1). I recently received the opportunity to enter my dream line of work. Although I have greatly enjoyed my time here, I just can't say no to this opportunity, and so I have to move on.

I do hope that my absence will not cause any inconvenience within the organization. I will be more than happy to assist you in anything you need help with as you look for a replacement to fill my position. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there's anything at all I can do for you during my remaining time here, or in the future.

I really appreciate your understanding. I have learned a lot during my tenure here, and you have been a pleasure to work with. However, it's very important to me that I make this change while I still have the chance to do so.

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you. I do hope we can stay in touch as business colleagues, and I look forward to hearing about how the company progresses in the future.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Jane Smith