Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough, Cheats, and Codes

A gamer's guide to Resident Evil 7 unlockables and secrets

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard takes the iconic horror series back to its survival horror roots. Our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will make surviving a little easier.

The following Resident Evil 7 cheats apply to all versions of the game including the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows editions.

Resident Evil 7 Infinite Ammo Cheats

To unlock infinite ammo for all of your weapons in the main campaign, beat the game on Madhouse difficulty. To unlock infinite ammo in the "Not A Hero" DLC, beat the campaign on Professional difficulty.

How to Unlock Madhouse Difficulty

You'll unlock the Madhouse difficulty setting after completing the game once. In Madhouse mode:

  • Health doesn't regenerate.
  • Enemies appear more frequently.
  • There are more antique coins (33 in all) to collect.
  • Saves are limited.
  • There are no automatic checkpoints.
  • Fewer items are available.

How to Get All Resident Evil 7 Unlockables

Completing various objectives will unlock secret items. Add support items to your inventory for them to take effect.

Resident Evil 7 Unlockables
Unlockable Requirement Effect

The Secrets Of Defense


Beat the game on Easy or Normal difficulty. Take less damage while blocking.
The Essence Of Defense Destroy all 20 Mr. Everywhere Statues. Take less damage while blocking (Block prevents 100% damage when combined with The Secrets Of Defense)

X-Ray Glasses

Beat the game on any difficulty in less than four hours. Permanent psychostimulant effect helps you easily locate items.
Walking Shoes Beat the game on any difficulty in less than four hours. Walk faster.


Beat the game on Easy or Normal difficulty. A powerful handgun.
Circular Saw Beat the game on any difficulty in less than four hours. A powerful short range weapon.

Resident Evil 7 Endings Guide

Resident Evil 7 has two possible endings. Which one you get depends on a decision you make during the story.

After fighting the big mutant boss, you're given the option to cure either Mia or Zoe. Give the serum to Mia to see the good ending; give it to Zoe for the bad ending. You'll need to see both if you want to earn every trophy.

Resident Evil 7 New Game Plus

After beating the game, your health and reload speed will carry over to your next playthrough, which is extremely helpful for surviving Madhouse mode. Any secret items you unlocked will appear in the item box.

Fast Healing and Reloading Trick

Press the block button while using a health bottle or reloading your weapon to cut the animation short. If you time it right, you'll get the full benefit of the action with half the time delay. This trick can be a lifesaver as it gives you a few extra seconds to get out of tight situations.

Resident Evil 7 Trophies

To earn every trophy, you must complete the game at least three times.

RE 7 Trophy Guide
Trophy Requirement


Unlock all other trophies.

1st Place at the Science Fair

Create all items containing chem fluid and strong chem fluid.
A-ha! Closely examine an item.
Arms in the Air Block an enemy attack.

Back Off, Mrs. B!

Fight off Marguerite.
Be Kind, Please Rewind Watch all the videotapes during a playthrough.
Behind Closed Doors Close an open door.

Can't Catch Me

Avoid Marguerite during the "Mia" videotape.
Duck If You Love Life Crouch to avoid Jack's scissors attack.
End of the Night See the bad ending.

Fly Swatter

Shoot Marguerite as she lunges at you.
He's Here, There, Everywhere! Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.
In the Bag Increase your item slots.

Into the Depths

Escape from the ship.
Just A Memory Now See the good ending.
Just Get Me Outta Here Beat the game in less than four hours.

Less is More

Take down two or more enemies with one shot.
Mad Pelicans Find every antique coin in Madhouse difficulty.
Master of Unlocking Use a lock pick.

Mr. Nowhere

Destroy every Mr. Everywhere statuette.
Open Your Eyes Use psychostimulants.
Nice Try Use a shadow plinth with an unrelated object.

Out Before Dessert

Finish the "Happy Birthday" videotape in under 5 minutes.

Pelicans in Your Pocket

Obtain every antique coin in Easy or Normal difficulty.
Playing it Safe Beat the game on Easy difficulty.

Resource Manager

Open the item box three times or less during a playthrough.
She's Alive Travel to Louisiana.
Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! Remove all insects from a door with the knife. 

That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball

Defeat an enemy with a remote bomb.
The Devil Is in the Details Read every file during a playthrough.
 The Grave Will Out the Truth Solve the secret of the old house.

The Nightmare's Finally Over

Beat the game on Normal difficulty. 
Things Got Personal Defeat an enemy with the knife.
Walk it Off Beat the game using three first aid meds or less.

Welcome to the Family, Son

Escape the guest house.
Who's Your Daddy Now? Beat the game on Madhouse difficulty.
You Ain't Gettin' Away Escape to the yard.
You Better Start Running Escape the Baker family house.

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition & DLC

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition comes with alternate scenarios that can otherwise be purchased as DLC. Each scenario has its own share of goodies to unlock.

RE 7: End of Zoe DLC Unlockables
Unlockable Requirement

M21 shotgun 

Beat scenario on Easy difficulty without dying
AM78 left-hand glove Beat the scenario on Normal difficulty. 
Joe Must Die difficulty Beat the scenario on any difficulty.

Extreme Challenges

Beat the scenario on Normal difficulty.
Extreme+ Challenges Beat the scenario on Joe Must Die difficulty.
AM78-a gloves for both hands Beat the scenario on Joe Must Die difficulty.

Spirit Blade

Complete all Extreme Challenges.
Infinite Weapons Complete all Extreme+ Challenges.
1% attack boost Find boxer effigies.
5% attack boost Find champion effigies.
RE 7: Not a Hero DLC Unlockables
Unlockable Requirement

Easy deflect

Beat the scenario in less than an hour. 
Walk faster Collect all antique coins.
Thor's Hammer Sight B Beat the scenario on any difficulty.
Professional difficulty Beat the scenario on any difficulty.
Infinite ammo Beat the scenario on Professional difficulty.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC Alternate Endings

While the Banned Footage DLC doesn't feature any unlockables, there is a secret ending in the "Daughters" scenario. To see the true ending, you'll have to perform specific actions at key points during the story:

  1. When you first go to the laundry room, check Lucas' phone in to get the code "1019."

  2. Get the lock pick in the crawlspace beneath the Main House 1F: Pantry.

  3. Go upstairs and use the lock pick on the drawer in the bathroom to collect the small component.

  4. Before approaching Eveline in her bedroom, use the small component on the nearby trophy to reveal a ladder.

  5. Climb the ladder to the attic and input "1019" into the laptop.

  6. After using the fork to pry open the window to get to the veranda, shimmy through the narrow passage on the balcony to collect a red toolbox with the Dog's Head Emblem inside.

  7. Use the Dog's Head Emblem on the door in the Main Hall that leads to the yard.

  8. Check the note and the photo in the trailer to complete the scenario.

Resident Evil 7 Mods and Trainers

If you're playing on PC, you can take advantage of Resident Evil 7 trainers to enable more cheats like infinite health and one-shot kills. The Steam Workshop makes it easy to download and integrate such mods.

Only download files from reputable websites.