How to Request a Free LTD Commodities (ABC Distributing) Catalog

The cover of the 2022 LTD Commodities catalog

LTD Commodities

The LTD Commodities catalog is a gift catalog that was previously known as ABC Distributing. Inside the catalog, you'll find a huge selection of gifts for everyone in your life at low prices.

Just open up the catalog to find gifts such as home goods, apparel, collectibles, electronics, jewelry, stationery, sporting goods, and more.

The LTD Commodities catalog is also a home decor catalog and furniture catalog since you can purchase tables, lighting, storage, stands, rugs, decorative accents, chairs, and other similar items.

How to Request a Catalog

Although the ABC Distributing catalog is no longer available, you can visit the LTD Commodities website, specifically their Sign Up for Free Catalogs page, to get a very similar catalog containing many of the same items (you can also get there by selecting "Free Catalog" at the top right-hand side of their website).

The form on that page needs to be filled out in order to get the gift catalog. Enter your first and last name, your email address, and the full mailing address for where the catalog should be sent.

Note: Before you finish the form, there's a checkbox below the email field that you should be aware of. If checked, you'll get promotional emails from LTD Commodities. If that's something you want, then you can certainly do that, but it's not required to get the gift catalog.

When you're finished filling out the form, click the Sign Up button to send in your request for an LTD Commodities catalog. You'll receive your free catalog in just a few weeks.

You can alternatively request a free LTD Commodities catalog by calling their customer service at 1-847-295-6058.


The catalog is only sent out to people who have United States addresses. If you're looking for a gift catalog or home decor catalog that can be sent to other countries, you may consider looking through some of the catalogs mentioned below.

Online Catalog

Instead of using the print catalog to shop, you can instead go to LTD Commodities' Shop Our Catalogs page to see the different catalogs they have. This is a great way to shop because you can order things right from their website.

Once on that page, and you've chosen a catalog to view, everything will be listed out for you to immediately browse through everything that catalog offers. You can then sort the list by price as well as filter the results by the average customer review (like to show only items that have a 5- or 4-star review) and department (e.g. Bed & Bath, Gifts, Pets, Toys & Electronics, etc.).

If you are using the paper catalog, it's easy to order from the website based on what you find in it. Use the Catalog Quick Order Form to order items from the LTD catalog.

Other Catalogs Like This One

If you like the LTD Commodities catalog, you'll also like the gift catalogs you can get from other places like What on Earth, Current, Lakeside Collection, and Collections Etc.

For more free home decor catalogs, check out IKEA, Garnet Hill, Ballard Designs, Crate & Barrel, Brylane Home, Blair, and Frontgate.

Other Ways to Shop at LTD Commodities

Though the LTD Commodities online catalog is helpful, it may not include everything that LTD Commodities has to offer. To see everything they have, you can shop on their website.

You can browse through categories of products like Garden & Outdoors, Home Decor, Toys & Games, Bed & Bath, Gift Ideas & Personalized, and Pets.

Within each main category are subsections where the items are actually listed. For example, when looking for gifts, you can view a list of gifts just for pet lovers, teens, weddings, and more.