How to Request a Free Garnet Hill Catalog

You can request a print catalog or view the catalog online

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Garnet Hill

The Garnet Hill catalog is a free women's clothing catalog that is a misses clothing catalog that sells the latest in women's fashion and beauty and fragrance items. It's also a free home decor catalog selling bedding, furniture, rugs, decorative accessories, and more.

If you're looking for a gift catalog, you'll find gifts by occasion, price, and recipient inside the Garnet Hill catalog as well.

How to Request a Garnet Hill Catalog

If you'd like to request that a free Garnet Hill catalog be sent to your home, you'll need to visit Garnet Hill's Request a Catalog page on their website. You can also get the digital version for instant access (more on that below).

Before the form are the options for the catalogs you can request. For example, choose Garnet Hill by putting a check in the box next to it. Then, fill out the form with your first and last name, full mailing address for where the catalog should be sent, and (optionally) your email address and phone number.

Note: Right after the email address field is the option to sign up for emails from Garnet Hill, like promotions and new arrival notifications. You don't have to sign up for emails if you don't want to—you can get the catalog without doing it, but you do still have to provide your email address.

When you're done, choose Submit to request the catalog. It should arrive in around 2 weeks.

If you'd rather, you should be able to request a free catalog by calling Garnet Hill using the phone number at the bottom of their website. Another option for reaching out to Garnet Hill about a free catalog is live chat.

Garnet Hill Catalog Restrictions

The Garnet Hill catalog is sent out to anyone with an address in the United States. If you don't live there, call or start a chat with their support team to see if they can make an exception.

Other Catalogs Like the Garnet Hill Catalog

If you like the Garnet Hill catalog, you'll also like catalogs from ​Chadwicks, Appleseed's, L.L. BeanLands' End, and Chico's.

Other Ways to Shop at Garnet Hill

If you're shopping from the catalog, an easy way to order the items is to call their customer support team. Otherwise, browsing for Garnet Hill products and ordering them online is easy to do from both the Garnet Hill digital catalog and their website.

On their website, you can look through menus like Women's Fashion, Shoes & Accessories, Bedding & Bath, Rugs & Home Décor, Kids, and Sale. In those menus are subsections for finding things like activewear, pants, tees, shorts, hats, socks, jewelry, bed sheets, lamps, jackets, dresses, boys clothes, leggings, and lots more.

Something I like about using the Garnet Hill website is that in each of those categories is a New Arrivals section that makes finding new items really easy. Plus, there are sorting buttons for price and customer rating.

There's also a Sale menu made specifically for finding discounted items. Just Reduced is in that category, too, and it's for newly discounted things. There's even an Almost Gone page to grab deals before they leave the website.