Request a Free Delia's Catalog

How to Get a Free Delia's Clothing Catalog Mailed to You

Picture of a free Delia's clothing catalog

Update:  The brand is not publishing or mailing out catalogs anymore. If you'd like to reminisce about the Delia's catalogs of the '90s, there's a tumblr account that is full of archives from the popular catalog.

Delia's catalog was a free women's clothing catalog that was a misses clothing catalog/junior clothing catalog that sold clothing and shoes for juniors and young women.

You'd find tops, jeans, dresses, and swimsuits all in the latest fashion inside the pages of Delia's catalog.

How to Request a Delia's Catalog

To get a free Delia's catalog mailed to your home, you use to need to first visit the Delia's website.

Once you were on the catalog request form, you'd fill it out with your first and last name, your birth date, and the full mailing address for where the catalog would be sent. You could optionally enter your phone number and email address but they weren't required in order to get the free catalog.

Another option was to receive email offers from Delia's partners and advertisers. You didn't have to agree to that to get the catalog, but you could if you wanted.

When you were finished with the form and after you completed the security captcha code, you would just click the submit button to request your catalog to be sent to the address you provided. It would arrive within 10-14 days.

Note: Instead of filling out this form, you used to be able to request the free Delia's catalog by calling 1-844-733-5427.

Delia's Catalog Restrictions

The Delia's catalog was able to be mailed out to the United States, Canada, and APO/FPO addresses, but also a whole list of other countries like Finland, Egypt, Germany, Japan, France, Peru, and others.

How to View Delia's Catalog Online

Delia's used to let you view the printed catalog in digital form on their website. If you didn't want to wait to get your catalog in the mail, or if you happen to live in a country where Delia's didn't ship their free catalog, then you would visit this page to see the entire catalog in your web browser.

The controls for flipping through the pages of the catalog were seen at the top of the catalog. There was also a zoom button, search tool, bookmark button, print option, full-screen button, and notes option.

One quick way to sift through the Delia's online clothing catalog was by using the Contents > View thumbnails for all pages... option at the top of the catalog. When enabled, you could see previews of each page off to the side of the catalog, and click any of them to jump to that page. It was much easier to look through the catalog this way.

The Options > Download offline version... menu item let you download a ZIP file of the Delia's catalog. Within this ZIP archive was a flash program that let you browse through the same catalog offline.