How to Request a Free Blair Catalog

The cover of the Spring 2018 Blair catalog


The Blair catalog is a home decor catalog that has great styles for every room in your house at budget prices. They have bedding, furniture and covers, decor, rugs, lamps, curtains, and items for your bathroom, kitchen, and patio and garden.

Besides having items for your home, the Blair catalog also has clothing for men and women, pet items, bags and accessories, and a great selection of jewelry. You'll be able to request a clothing catalog from Blair at the same time you're requesting their home decor catalog.

How to Get a Blair Catalog

You can request that a Blair catalog be mailed to your home for free by visiting the Request a Catalog page on the Blair website.

Start by choosing which catalogs you want from the checkboxes at the top of the request form. You can choose the Blair Home, Blair Women's, and/or Blair Men's catalogs. Fill out the rest of the form with your first and last name and the full mailing address for where you want the catalog shipped.

Click the "Request a Catalog" button when you're finished to submit your request for a Blair catalog. If you can't get that form to work, you might instead be able to request a catalog by contacting their customer service at 1-800-821-5744, through email, or by using the "Live Chat" link at the bottom of the Blair website.

You can expect the Blair catalog to hit your mailbox in 4-6 weeks although mine have usually come much more quickly.

Blair Catalog Restrictions

Blair will send out catalogs to those living in the United States or U.S. territories, as well as those with an APO/FPO military address.

Blair's Home Decor Guides

Blair has several guides to help you plan your next room makeover. Whether you're choosing new bedding or buying a rug, these guides will help you get it just right the first time around.

This includes a fabric guide that explains the type of fiber, yarns, and finishes are available with a short description of each. The window guide helps you choose the right type of window fashion, how to measure your windows, and how to install your new window coverings. The bedroom fashions guide helps you pick a bedding style, get the right fit, and understand all things related to thread count. Finally, there's the rug buying guide to show you how to measure for a rug and decide on the best size for your room. It also covers rug styles and types, materials and fibers, colors and patterns, and even shapes.

If you're purchasing furniture, curtains, bedding, or rugs, I really recommend you take a look at these handy guides before you make your purchase.

Other Ways to Shop at Blair

If you've found something from a Blair catalog you want to order through their website, you can visit the Order From Catalog page to do that. Otherwise, you can browse through all of their items on their website at

On Blair's main website are several categories to get you started, including "Women's," "Men's," "For Your Home," "Scandia Woods," "Best of Blair," and "Clearance." Once you've chosen one of those main menus, you'll be taken to a different page full of subcategories to help you find specific things.

For instance, the "Women's" menu lets you browse for tops, pantsuits, loungewear, footwear, accessories, and more. There's also a link for new arrivals, bestsellers, and sale items, plus one for shopping by color.

Then, as you find your way through the menus, you'll finally be taken to a results list where you can filter the items even more. Depending on the category you're searching, you may be able to filter the results by size, color, and price range.

The clearance section is helpful because you easily can find items that are highly discounted off their regular prices, such as things 70 percent off or even 85 percent off, "last chance" under $3 items, and more.

You also can buy gift cards through Blair's website. These can be either plastic gift cards sent through the mail or e-gift cards you can get via email the same day you order them.