How to Request a Free Appleseed's Catalog

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Appleseed's catalog


The Appleseed's catalog is a free women's clothing catalog and misses clothing catalog that sells classic clothing with a modern twist. With Appleseed's clothing, you'll always be in style but never trendy.

Appleseed's began selling clothes for women, men, and children in 1946, under the name Johnny Appleseed's, but now specializes in women's clothes only.

Inside the catalog, you'll find sweaters, blouses, tops, jackets, pants, dresses, suits, skirts, sleepwear, outerwear, and more. They also have clothing for petite and plus-sized women, as well as a great selection of shoes and accessories. 

How to Request an Appleseed's Catalog

Appleseed's is happy to send you a catalog. Visit the Catalog Signup page on their website, and fill it out with your name and mailing address.

Appleseed's Catalog Restrictions

The Appleseed's catalog is mailed to those with United States addresses.

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Other Ways to Shop at Appleseed's

You can shop at Appleseed's through their website too. Just visit that link to find all the different ways you can find not only clothes but also accessories and shoes at Appleseed's.

Some of the menus on the Appleseed's website that separates the different items include Clothing, Tops & Tees, Shoes & Accessories, Petite, Women's Plus, and others like Collections and Clearance. Within those categories are subsections that help you find more specific items, like jackets, bottoms, sleepwear, jeans, boots, sandals, gloves, belts, and lots more.

The Clearance menu is a good way to find cheaper items at Appleseed's. You can find all the things that fall under $10 as well as sale items in each of the aforementioned categories. I also like the New Arrivals section, which shows all the newest jackets, sweaters, sleepwear, shoes, and more.

Another way to shop at Appleseed's is by size, in the Misses, Petites, and Women's Plus sections. Some other filters you can use to further customize the results is to find items of a certain color, rating, price, or size range.

Appleseed's also sells gift cards and has collections you can shop, like Limited Editions, Norm Thompson, Martha Stewart's Styles, and Karen Neuburger Pajamas.