Request a Free Alloy Catalog

How to order a free clothing catalog from alloy

Screenshot of a free clothing catalog from Alloy
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The Alloy catalog is no longer available to request by mail.

The Alloy catalog is a free women's clothing catalog that is a misses clothing catalog / junior clothing catalog that sells fun clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

Inside the Alloy catalog, you'll find clothing, jeans, dresses, swimwear, and shoes.

How to request a free alloy catalog

The easiest way to get a free Alloy clothing catalog mailed to you is through the Request a Catalog page on Alloy's website.

The catalog request form requires that you put in your first and last name, the full mailing address where the catalog should be shipped, and your birthday. There are also places for your phone number and email address, but you don't have to fill those out in order to get the free catalog.

When you're done with the form, just click the SUBMIT button to send in your request to Alloy for the free clothing catalog. You should receive the catalog in 10-14 days.

Note: Another option, instead of filling out this form, is to call Alloy at 1-855-GO-ALLOY and ask about the free catalog.

Alloy Catalog Restrictions

You can get the free Alloy catalog mailed to any U.S, U.S. Territories, or APO/FPO address, as well a number of other countries like Norway, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Honduras, and many more.

How to Read the Alloy Catalog Online

If you can't find your country in Alloy's Request a Catalog form or if you'd rather read the current catalog online right now, you can visit their Online Catalog page. This is an online version of Alloy's free clothing catalog.

The menu at the top of the Alloy online catalog is how you can control the catalog like move through the pages, zoom up closer to see the pictures and text better, search for specific words across every page of the catalog, add notes, highlight things, and even print the catalog or save it to your computer for offline use.

Other Ways You Can Shop at Alloy

The print and online catalog aren't the only ways you can purchase items from Alloy. You can also browse through their collection online at​

Using the menus at the top of the Alloy website lets you find sale items and what's new on the site, as well as things in the Tall Shop, Clothing, Denim Shop, Dresses, Swim, and Shoes/Accessories menus. Each of these menus has submenus so you can browse for more specific things like tall tops, skirts, jeans, cocktail dresses, one-piece swimsuits, sandals, jewelry, hats, etc.

Once you're viewing a particular category on the Alloy website, you can sort the items by price and filter them by size.

The Outlet menu is a good way to find items by price that are found in many different categories, like things under $15 or $6 dollars, for example.

Alloy also has a free mobile app for viewing their catalog from an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. You can also download ALLOY eCatalog from iTunes.