How to Remove a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Hard Top

Jeep Wrangler

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 The 2011 Jeep Wrangler has a modular 3 piece hard top. This design is a great bridge between the conventional one-piece Jeep hard top and the remove-anywhere soft top. It allows you to remove the roof, or parts of it, in several different ways.

The 3 piece modular roof has two smaller front panels, one over the driver's side seat and one over the passenger's seat, and the larger portion of the roof that goes over the back seats and cargo area, as well as the rear windows.

Removable Front Panels

You can remove the panel over the driver's seat by itself if you're driving by yourself and if you've got a friend riding along you can remove the panel over the passenger's seat as well to have a completely open front roof.

The two front panels come off in less than a minute per side after you've done it once or twice. The rear portion of the roof takes about 5 to 10 minutes after you've done it a time or three.

If you're on the road, you can pull over and remove one or both front panels and store them in the rear cargo area of the Jeep in a protective bag that will help keep from scratching them by rubbing together.

If you want to go all the way topless, you can remove the remainder of the Jeep hard top pretty quickly. You'll need a place to store it while you're out enjoying life without it.

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Remove the Hand-Screw Then Release the Latch and Three Knobs

Release Latch
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In the middle of the back of the panel, there is a hand-screw that goes through the roll bar and into the panel. Unscrew this hand-screw and remove it.

On the inside of the roof on the driver's side where it meets the windshield, there is a black latch that acts as the main connection for the driver's side roof panel.

Pull that latch down and towards the back of the Jeep, being careful not to catch your fingers in between the latch and the sun visor. You can unhook the sun visor and swing it out of the way while you release the latch.

Turn the three black knobs to the left (counter-clockwise) to release the driver's side panel, one towards the front connected to the passenger's panel and one towards the rear. There is also one connected to the rear part of the roof.

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Lift the Driver's Side Roof Panel Up

Separate Panel
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Remove the panel by picking up, up, and off by lifting on the outside where the rain gutter is. Then grab the center of the panel and take it completely off the Jeep.

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Remove the Passenger's Side Roof Panel

Lift Panel
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Unlatch the passenger's side latch in the front next to the windshield. Turn the latch at the rear of the panel connected to the rear portion of the hard top. Unscrew the hand-screw and remove it completely.

Lift the panel from the roof and over the roll bar. Store the panel inside the bag the same as the driver's side panel.

You can put the panels behind the back seat for transport. This makes it nice if you're out on the trail and want to take the front panels off.

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Remove the Torx Bolts From the Rear of the Jeep Hard Top

Torx T40 Still In
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If you want to remove the entire hard top, you'll have to remove 6 Torx Screws with a special tool that should be provided with the Jeep. It looks like a Philips Head screwdriver except it has 6 blades instead of 4.

If you didn't get one with your Jeep, you could buy one from just about any hardware/auto-parts store. Just ask for a T40 Torx driver. Note that the door takes a T50 Torx, so if you're going to buy one, you might as well buy them both if you're ever going to take the doors off.

Remove the 6 Torx bolts and store them in the center console or the rear compartment.

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Unplug Electrical and Washer Plugs From the Hard Top

Washer Plug Unplugged
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The 2011's Jeep Wrangler's rear window has a wiper on it like the windshield in the front. It also has a washer, just like the windshield. This window is attached to the Jeep's hard top, meaning there will be plugs that need to be unplugged before you remove the top.

The plugs are pretty tight, and you may need to use a pair of pliers (LIGHTLY) to release them. There are pressure points on the sides of the plug that must be pressed to unplug them.

Once these are off, you can safely remove the Jeep's hard top.

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Lift the Hard Top Off the Jeep

Hard Top On Ground
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Before you take the hard top off prepare a place for it by setting blocks on a flat surface spaced out to set the edges of the hard top on like a 2x4 pieces of wood. This will make it easy to set down and pick up without mashing your fingers under the hard top.

The 6 Torx bolts are along the sides of the jeep from the rear seats back. Once you've removed them get a buddy and lift the hard top off the Jeep and walk it back behind the Jeep.

You'll want to be somewhat towards the back of the hard top because there is more weight back there because of the rear window. If you have the rear window opened you don't have to lift it over the spare tire.

Carefully walk the hard top over and set it on the blocks, put a cover on it if it's going to be out for a while. Grab your shades, drive your Jeep Wrangler with the top off, win at life.