Funny & Cringeworthy Moments From Reddit's 'Blunder Years'

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Introducing 'Blunder Years,' Your New Favorite Subreddit

Reddit Blunder Years Smile
Via Reddit @pudgyllamarider.

"Apparently I didn't know how to smile in first grade."

Just about everybody goes through an awkward phase at some point in their lives. Whether it's being super into Minecraft or some awful boy band, rocking a terrible homemade haircut, or just being hopelessly, hilariously dorky in every way, we've all had a few family photographs pop up that make us cringe at our clueless younger selves.

Good news... maybe. There's now a place on Reddit where you can share your terribly embarrassing photos of yourself (or your loved one, with their permission), to amuse the masses on the internet. Introducing Blunder Years, one of Reddit's funniest new subreddits

Clicking through this subreddit is like taking a trip through the hormonal, angst-ridden teen and preteen years that we have all tried so hard to put in our rearview mirrors. Looking at these pics is often painfully cringeworthy, but almost always hilarious! And it's good to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? Right.

Before you start digging up those "Throwback Thursday" style pictures, be sure to acquaint yourself with the rules of the community forum. This is not a place that grants free reign to pick on people's appearances; it's a place to poke fun our ourselves and commiserate with others. Here are the ground rules:

1 - True blunders only
2 - You must have a creative title.
3 - Your blunder must have been at least 3 years ago
4 - Childhood photos are great, as long as they actually depict a blunder, and AS LONG AS THE SUBJECT OF THE CHILDHOOD BLUNDER IS ACTUALLY YOU.
5 - It’s suggested that you provide a “now” picture, but you don't HAVE to.
6 - Ask permission if there are other people in the photo
7 - Be thoughtful when replying
8 - No posting personal information
9 - Report content that breaks the rules
10 - All posts are subject to removal without notice at the mods' discretion if the post does not catch on.

Have fun browsing r/BlunderYears! Here are a few funny examples to get you started.

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The Hat Really Makes The Outfit Pop

dance outfit blunder years
Via reddit @Desterado.

"When I was 8 and in a dance club."

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That Jerry-Rigged Headset, Tho

Blunder Years gamer
Via Reddit @ RedBombX.

"Playing StarCraft on 56k, strategizing with my buddy pre-bluetooth/skype."

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Guy Fieri Called; He Wants His Look Back

Reddit The Blunder Years
Via Reddit @eaglefort91.

"For me, 7th grade school picture day was actually just a trip to Flavortown."

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What Is Even Happening With Those Shorts?

jorts kid
via Reddit @rocketman340.

"My outfit for like first day of 5th or something."

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Making Grandma Proud

blunder years spiked hair
Via reddit @Atyrius.

"Found this picture of me 15 years ago hanging in my grandmother's today at Thanksgiving."

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Looks Like We've Got A Badass Over Here

the Blunder Years nerdy kid
Via reddit @Uhh_Clem.

"This used to be my profile picture on most social media."

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That Zebra Look Is So Hot Right Now

striped girl blunder years
Via reddit @Dr-Not-a-Milkman.

"I found some tanning foam while I was in the bathroom and put a stripe on my wrist. Liked it so much I did my arms and legs. Nobody was amused but me. I think it lasted a couple of months."

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You Never Know When It Might Come In Handy

gas mask kid
Via reddit @I_Am_An_OK_Cook.

"In high school I used to think it was edgy to wear a gas mask to class. The security guards hated me."

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Move Over, Robert Smith

goth kid blunder years
Via reddit @hoursaid.

"With permission: My husband's 2003 homecoming photo."

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It Takes Effort To Look This Disheveled

crazy hair kid
Via reddit @boijorge.

"I'll never forget how much work went into this MySpace pic." 

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You've Got Something On Your Upper Lip

mullet bowl blunder years
Via reddit @Dranetheblod.

"My mom's boyfriend in eighth grade, sporting a mullet/bowl cut

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What A Wild And Crazy Guy

dorky guy
Via reddit @ShelbyHer.

"Husband's senior picture via 2002"

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Oooh, He's So Dark and Mysterious

fire guy
Via reddit @LeVampirate.

"8th grade, Captioned as 'This is the path I chose.' My mom took this picture."

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He's The King... of the Dorks

Elvis kid
Via reddit/theblunderyears.

"I went through an Elvis phase when I was 15-16. It still hurts looking back and remembering calling girls "pretty mama". It *really* hurts."

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Oh, Hell No

peter pan kid
Via reddit @Linkerbell.

"I should have told my date what I was wearing to prom. Oh well."

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A Picture With Her BFF

Furby Girl
Via reddit @thebloodofthematador.

"I INSISTED that my Furby be in my sixth grade school picture with me."

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She's Mature For Her Age

Old lady kid
Via Reddit @caahtatonic.

"I was born in 1981, but I turned 55 in 1992."

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Just Frollicking Things

dorky pumpkin kid
Via reddit @3ajku.

"Me, around 8 years old, enjoying a nice Autumn day." 

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Somebody Read 'Twilight' Too Many Times

vampire kid
Via reddit @HipsterChips.

"I was a vampire. No, it wasn't Halloween."

Check out r/blunderyears for more blunders.